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 1960s, Bam.

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PostSubject: 1960s, Bam.   Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:00 pm

I feel like my heart is beating like a hummingbird
And you know that you're the cause of it
I'm waiting for my songs to be heard
To make my feelings known
I feel like I am up with stars
And you know that you're the cause of it
I am playing my a million guitars
To make my feelings known

I feel like I'm soaring in the sky
And you know you're the cause of it
I know that I must not lie
To make my feelings known
I feel like I am in the clouds
And you know you're the cause of it
I will sing in front of crowds
To make my feelings known

Do you know what my feelings consist of?
Do you know what you to mean to me?
Do you know your eyes are the stars I look for in the night sky?

I feel like I'm falling in love
And you know you're the cause of it
I am up in heaven above
I know my feelings are known

Do you know what my feelings consist of?
Do you know what you to mean to me?
Do you know your eyes are the stars I look for in the night sky?
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Age : 18
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PostSubject: Re: 1960s, Bam.   Mon Jun 08, 2015 8:21 pm

The bar was padded in a vivid green liner, which curved round with the strange shaped room. Amelia had to admit the metal was better than placing her legs against cold, hard metal. She swirled her drink in its glass, the liquid lapping precariously at the edge of the tumbler. The jukebox that was playing the bright and cheery music of the Monkees was drowned out by the chatter of people who stood sipping their drinks and swaying gently to the music. Amelia sat staring down at her drink, not particularly interested with what was going on around her. A friend of hers had dragged her to his friend's friend's celebratory party, Amelia didn't even know what the celebration was for. She guessed something to do with music, since she recognised from music magazines and stuff. Her friend had drifted in to the crowd a while ago, leaving Amelia to fend for herself. Amelia had long gotten bored of the Mint Julep drink sat in front of her, she knew a lass can have too much mint in one day. She pushed the drink away from her to the other edge of the bar and stood up, deciding she might as well go home. However, as she stood and went to walk around the stool which was annoyingly fixed in place, she collided head long into a person.
"Oh. I am so sorry." She said, noticing she had managed to spill the man's drink all down his front. She reached into her bright coloured bag and handed him a handkerchief.
"No, no. It's my fault. I shouldn't have come up behind you without warning. I just saw your hair from the other side of the room and-"
"Oh shit. You're Mr. Bennett"
"And you're Miss Lee, though I do prefer to be called Benedict. Mr Bennett sounds too formal."
"Yeah- wait. You know who I am?"
"Of course I do. I love your music,"
"You do?" Benedict replied with a nod, grinning down at the clearly flustered girl, her cheeks turning a red her hair could be jealous of. She stared down at her feet, embarrassed and very unsure of how she should react.
"Here, come with me."He walked through the crowd of people, heading over to the jukebox, and pointed at the list of artists. "See? You're right there, you're one of the most played."
"You come here often?"
"I basically live here"
"Is that your way of saying you're an alcoholic? Damn your songs really inspired me, are they just drunken thoughts?" Benedict's laugh rippled through his body, his head tilting backwards slightly as he shook it.
"Oh no, my foster dad, Howard, owns this place. I sometimes stay here" He grinned down at Amelia, as he selected one of her songs to play. "This is my favourite" Amelia felt herself blush as she realised what song it was.
"Iris. This is one of the songs you wrote that I covered"
"Yeah, I'm flattered you'd cover my songs"
"I'm flattered you listen to them" They both smiled at each other for a second, before Benedict cleared his throat, breaking the silence.
"You were, erm, going somewhere before I bumped into you"
"Oh. I was about to leave, there was nothing interesting here for me since my friend left."
"Do you still want to leave? I'm sorry I stopped you from going."

"Oh no, it would be rude of me to leave you."
"No you can. I'm sorry I interrupted you" Benedict started to turn away, but a hand grasping his arm made him turn around to the bright haired girl. A lot of the women in here had bright hair, it was just the fashion. But Amelia's was different. It was more natural than the others, as if inspired by cascades made with lava. A fiery red that Benedict wanted to reach out and touch, but he knew it would burn if he did.
"I don't mind staying longer. I like chatting with you. I'll have to get a drink though." She noticed, dropping her hand to her side as she realised she had been holding onto his arm for a little too long.
"I'll get it you"
"Oh, you don't need to do that."
"There's no need for you to be paying for a drink when I can get it you free"
"Foster son of the owner, remember?"
"Oh" Benedict chuckled softly before taking Amelia's hand to drag her through the slow dancing couples to the bar.
"What would you like to drink?" He turned to look at her, a smile still on his face as though meeting Amelia is a dream come true.
"I don't know, what do you recommend?"
"The Pink Squirrel"
"The what?"
"Trust me. It is great"
"Okay, I'll try one of them then." Benedict nodded at her and repeated the order to the waiter who didn't give Benedict a second glance as he handed the drink over without asking for any kind of payment. Benedict passed the strangely pink drink to Amelia who eyed it curiously,
"Don't worry, it won't bite." He paused, "And it isn't a real squirrel."
"I sort of gathered that, thanks" Amelia smiled softly at him, before taking a sip of the alcoholic drink. It had a strange creamy, berry like flavour that, had it been anything else, would be odd but here it just worked. "Oh this is... This is really nice, a lot better than the mint thing I had earlier" Benedict's face lit with a smile again,
"I thought you would like it"
The two settled down on a large sofa, away front the mass of people. They were both slightly tipsy, giggling as the leather sofa creaked beneath them as they fidgeted around to get comfortable.
"We would make the best band ever" Amelia spontaneously blurted out, "Like, you write all the lyrics and do backing vocals and stuff, I would sing those lyrics. We would be great"
"We could be known as... As... Bam! Ben and Am combined. And it is also like bam as in boom" The two stared at each other as their idea began to click together, and Amelia knew, even if the rest of the night was a blow, meeting Benedict had made her week, possibly month. "We should totally do that"
"We could do that."
"We will do it, Ben and Am, forming to make the ultimate band known as Bam!"
"Lets shake on it. To promise that this night shall be the start of the best thing" Benedict held his unsteady drunken hand to Amelia who took hold of it tightly. The shake was over dramatic and cheesy, but neither knew how much it will affect their lives. Emotionally and physically.

"You need to sing a higher note on guitars"
"Harmonies and stuff. I must say this song fits your voice perfectly." The two sat huddled together on the floor of their campervan, staring down at the scribbles and doodles that were Benedict's writings for a song. They were sat much too close to be just friends, but they didn't care, and knew no one was around to see them. They were both content, doing what they loved most with their best friend. Neither believed there was a place they'd rather be.
"I like the lyrics. Some of your best." Benedict shrugged, but didn't say anything as he scanned down the music.
"Good inspiration" He had that glint in his eye Amelia had noticed he gets whenever he is thoroughly enjoying himself or being cheeky. Amelia gathered today was a combination of both. She shoved him gently in the shoulder, writing off his comment with a grin. "You don't think so?" His head tilted to the side slightly, as Amelia shook hers. "I think you're very inspiring. Your flame red hair that is like lava cascading down your shoulders. Your brown eyes that are comforting and warm, like a hot cocoa on a cold day. Your singing voice like a chorus of song birds singing in the dawn. You're inspirational" A bright flush lit up her cheeks to a red that almost was as vivid as her hair. She was used to compliments, she got them often, from family, friends, fans, hell; even the media sometimes. But never from Benedict. And his comment just made her feel light and happy inside.
"You should write a song" Amelia teased, receiving a low chuckle from Benedict.
"Honey, I've written hundreds. Now. This particular song is one we need to work on. You Know You're the Cause."
"I'm the cause of what?"
"That's the song title, you dummy"
"Oh" Benedict chuckled again, giving Amelia's arm a gentle squeeze. They returned their attentions, or at least some of it, back to the song and its lyrics. Amelia hummed the tune as she watched Benedict start to construct, what she believed to be, the final verse. "What got you into music?" She asked, as Benedict flicked his pen around in his hand. He gave her a fleeting glance, and settled back into his chair.
"My dad loved music when I was younger, before the, erm, accident. He used to give me mini guitar lessons." Benedict smiled softly at the memory.
"What accident? Oh no I'm sorry. It isn't my place to ask."
"No. No, it's fine. It was a car crash, killed them both." Amelia decided that a change of subject would be good. It wouldn't be particularly fair of her to keep prying.
"So you grew up at a bar?"
"Yeah, sorta. Howard adopted me, he looked after me. He's great."
"Good. You deserve great. And more." They smiled at each other before Amelia reached out and squeezed Benedict's shoulder gently. "Lets get back to this monster. Hopefully we can have it ready by Friday."

Amelia wasn't nervous. Of course she wasn't. She rubbed at her left arm, trying to draw soothing circles. This was the first time Bam were performing. It would make or break the duet. And in no way, shape or form, did Amelia want Bam to break up. Benedict walked to her side, his acoustic guitar slung over his shoulder.
"Hey. You'll do amazing, don't worry. This song is perfect for you." He said, taking the hand that was rubbing against her arm. He replaced it with his, replicating the small shapes Amelia had been drawing. "When we've done here we can go to the Campervan and settle down with a cocoa and a film. Sound like a plan?" Amelia nodded, and Benedict placed a soft kiss on the top of her head. "Lets go then, Ames. Lets show them what Bam is."
"Yes coach" They smiled brightly at each other before walking out onto the small stage that stood in front of a well-to-do café. The people sat at the tables gazed curiously up at the two, a few of the crowd recognised them, smiles springing up on their faces but they reacted no more than that. Intrigued by the never seen before combo, they gazed up at them, eyes wide with interest.
"Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Benedict Bennett, this gorgeous red head is Amelia-May Lee, and together we are Bam. This song is called 'Cause of It' and we hope you enjoy." Benedict settled onto the stool beside a microphone, as Amelia moved forward more and grasped the one at the front of the stage. She sang the first couple lines, a smile emerging on her face as she did. Amelia was used to working on stages, it came with being a singer, and this time was no exception. Meaningfully, she sung the song, stealing glances at Benedict every now and then, noticing how he watched her from across the stage, not even needing to glance at his guitar as he changed chords. The small café bobbed along in time with the song, clearly enjoying every second, and they believed the song was over much too soon.
"Would you guys like another song? Can we play one?" Her last question was directed at Benedict who nodded.
"Sure we can. But which?"
"Iris. We both love that song." Benedict was silent for a second, studying Amelia closely before nodding.
"Okay. Iris it is."
Bam performed another three songs before they left the stage. Already they had people asking for autographs and when they would release an album. The two called it a success, and drifted over to each other when they were freed from the group of people.
"I do believe you owe me a hot cocoa"
"Coming right up. M'lady."
They sat huddled together in a warm, knitted blanket as they watched the film. They quietly sipped their drinks, basking in the comfort of each other and the soft music drifting from the black and white film. This was one of Amelia's favourite things to do, especially with Benedict. She found it calm and relaxing, the rest of the world fading to nothing as they were absorbed into the film. Amelia carefully rested her head on Benedict's shoulder, and he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her into a closer embrace.
"You looked gorgeous today. As usual. And you sung quite well too."
"Says you." Amelia blushed lightly at his comment, burying her face further into him.
"I didn't sing."
"You harmonized. Superbly. Your guitar skills weren't bad either." Benedict kissed her hand, the only part he could properly reach. They stayed curled in this embrace until the end of the film, which was long after the couple had drifted off to sleep.

After a year, the two became practically inseparable. As their fame grew, so did their bond. Many of their fans were desperate for the two to be together, (though most believed they already were.) Around people, they acted just like best friends. Nothing less, nothing more. They had managed to keep their private life quite well hidden from the public eye, who were trying just as hard as they were for the Beatles. However, all they had managed to work out was that when they toured, they went round in a VW camper, and when they weren't touring, they each had separate houses, but visited each other often to discuss 'music'.
They kept their lives and relationship status away from the public for a good year before an accident revealed everything they were. It was during a show, Amelia was stood at the front of the stage, singing whatever song was playing with Benedict stood a little behind, watching her every movement. His eyes widened as he saw a crack above her head, just where a light joined the ceiling. The sound of the music vibrating enough to make the crack grow bigger. His first instinct is to shout, tell her to move, but he realised that probably won't work in time. So, instead he drops his guitar and places his arms tightly round her waist to pull her back, consequently; Amelia turned around to look at him in confusion before the light came crashing to the ground. The sudden noise made Amelia jump into Benedict more, cuddling into his protecting warmth as pieces of glass went flying in every direction.
"Hey, you okay?" Benedict asked softly, lifting husband head from where it was buried in her hair. Amelia nodded, the movement catching the, now limited, light to look like it was blazing. Benedict pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek, jumping as he heard a chorus of awh's beside him. He glanced up, having completely forgotten there presence.
"Hey, Ames. I hope you don't mind people knowing about us." He whispered into her her, making her lift her gaze to the crowd. Her response was to grab Benedict's face and crash her lips into his, receiving a cross between a chuckle and a groan from the base of Benedict's throat.
"I don't think it was ever very covered up." She noticed, and Benedict nodded in agreement. "Love you." Amelia added in a mumble, "Thanks, by the way. The light would have crushed me."
"I know. Now, lets continue this show?" He pressed a kiss to her hair before grinning brightly at the crowd and apologising.
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1960s, Bam.
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