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 The Way I Do ~ PurpleNurple

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PostSubject: The Way I Do ~ PurpleNurple   Thu Dec 25, 2014 7:57 am

Merry Christmas Maggy! :3

"Am!" The shrill shriek sounded throughout the platform of Platform 9 ¾. The blonde haired girl pushed her trolley through the crowd to reach her friend whose bright red hair made her easy to spot, even with the masses of parents waving their children onto the red steam train.
"Ellie!" The girl bundled Ellie into a tight hug, abandoning her trolley. "How were your muggles this year?" Ellie blew the tuft of hair out of her face, which had creased into a disgusted look, before answering.
"More boring than Isaac's sex life."
"Oi! I heard that!" A short boy with brown scruffy hair wheeled his way over to the two girls, a huge grin lighting up his face.
"Amelia, Ellie, how have you been-" He was cut off by the loud whistle of the train. The three kids grabbed their stuff and hauled it on to the train. Once they had found an empty compartment, they settled into the seats easily. The three of them sat happily chatting random banter until the door slid open. A fourth year stood gazing around the compartment, the three third years with slight curiosity .
"Can I sit here? No more seats anywhere else" The boy noticed, his eyes settling on Amelia for longer than when they had been on everyone else. Isaac grinned at the boy as he sat down beside him. Ellie and Amelia knew instantly was happening. His flirt mode had activated.He did this to any guy who happened to cross his path.
"So, cutie, what's your name?" Isaac asked the boy, whose gaze had finally moved from lingering on Amelia.
"Benedict" His reply seemed too simple for such a complex name.
"So, Ben, what-"
"Benedict, what year are you in?" Benedict had already changed into his Hogwarts uniform, the bright red lining of his cloak clearly showing he was in Gryffindor.
Benedict sighed, clearly uninterested in this conversation, not wanting to talk or talk about himself.
"Fourth" His deadpanned, removing the book he held plastered against his chest, and lifting it before reading it. The boy remained silent for the rest of the train journey, his eyes flitting across the pages of the book, only glancing up to look at the bright haired girl sat opposite him. He did this often, and not just during this train journey. She, like him, was in Gryffindor. Even though she hadn't changed out of her muggle clothing, Benedict knew she was in his house. He had seen her around the common room. Actually, he made sure he sees her in the common room, he stares at her, its hard not to. Her radiant red hair shone brighter then the sun, Benedict's ice blue eyes were always drawn instantly to the scorching beauty her hair posses. His tiny eye movements went largely unnoticed, apart from the one single time Amelia caught his eye,making him flush a pink brighter than the one worn on Wednesday. The drop of his head made Amelia smile,  making her find the older boy more adorable as time went on.
Benedict took longer to grab his stuff, and owl, than everyone else in the compartment, so Isaac instantly started chatted about him as soon as they were out of hearing distance, the Pygmy Puff known as Misha perched merrily on his shoulder. The purple creature nodded and hummed in agreement with everything as Isaac spoke. Amelia trailed behind Ellie and Isaac slightly, only glancing up as Isaac spoke directly to her.
"He couldn't take hi eyes off you! It's official, I ship it and I shall name it... Amedict." Amelia rolled her eyes,
"Even though you were the one flirting your bloody tits off trying to get his attention"
"I might as well have had tits for the amount of attention I was getting." Ellie snorted, and they continued walking towards the carriages. The three were loaded and ready to go when Amelia gasped, fear scattering across her features, and her hand reached towards her neck,
"What, Am? You've seen a carriage before" Ellie said, but Amelia shook her head slowly,
"No.. my necklace." A necklace given to her as a child by her Grandma, it wasn't surprising Amelia's terror at the thought of losing it. Solid silver shaped into a young dog fox, tail curled neatly around its fragile paws. The detail on this tiny piece of jewellery was so immense the necklace appeared to move in the daylight.  The fox did move, but that was only once in a little while, depending on the mood it was in.
Isaac and Ellie both knew the pure venerate Amelia held for this item. She opened her bags, and ferreted through, desperate to try and find it. A soft hoot of an owl made her stop her search and glance up in slight confusion. A barn owl sat with golden feathers which combined with the softer white ones on her chest made a perfect combination. Clasped in her beak was a silver necklace. Neither of the three had an owl; Isaac had his Pygmy Puff, Amelia had her cat, and Ellie didn't have a pet. Once the necklace had been removed from its mouth, the owl instantly began looking for a treat or a fuss.
A smile spread a across Amelia's face as she put the necklace around her necklace, ensuring it was securely clasped.
"Thank you" She murmured, rubbing the owl's neck.
"Winnie?" A vaguely familiar voice rang out, and the owl perked up instantly to her owner's call. Benedict, who was joined now by a boy with fair hair and glasses, walked towards the carriage. Amelia was still stroking a content looking owl, who hooted faintly as a hello to Benedict. The boy seemed shocked as he saw saw her and cleared his throat.
"We'll take the next one." He said, gesturing to the carriage. Isaac made a noise of protest, and clambered off the carriage, with a small amount of difficulty due to the height of the carriage, grabbing the bags out of Benedict's hands.
"There's plenty of room, c'mon." He said, sitting back down next to Ellie, leaving the seats either side of Amelia free.  Benedict sighed as he got into the carriage. He wanted to avoid the phoenix haired girl as much as humanly possible. It wasn't because she repelled him, actually it was quite the opposite, he was drawn towards her. She was the lamp hanging from the garden porch, and he was the moth fluttering around the darkened garden. He was drawn by the shining light that she shone. He was a moth, he was nothing special, they were everywhere and often considered pests by most. So many moths had passed Amelia, and hadn't deserved a second glance through her chocolate brown eyes. The boy who was with him crept on to carriage so he was sat at the other side of Amelia, with a quick glance around the carriage.
"I'm Nemo" He introduced himself, not keen to the fact no one was paying him any attention. Isaac turned to face him and his face lit up with a grin,
"Hey, Nemo, I am Isaac and these two quite ugly girls are taken and aren't interested"
"Look who's talking, Mr Short"
"I'm not short"
"Are to"
"Are not"
Amelia sighed as her friends began bickering again, but hadn't stopped stroking the owl who had now fluttered onto her shoulder as soon as the carriage had started moving. Benedict watched the two with a curious look upon his face.
"You are?" Nemo asked, clearly noticing his friend's silence. It was usual for Benedict to be quiet, but the presence of this girl did something to him.
"Amelia May"The girl answered with a smile, holding out her hand to shake and Nemo took it happily. During the train journey, she had changed into her Hogwarts uniform, and the inner lining a bright red, was a complete contrast to the sunny yellow of her bickering friends.
"Benedict, I never got chance to speak to you before" She said, holding her hand in greeting, just to be ignored by him.
"I know who you are" He replied, his attention going to Winnie as she landed on his lap, since Amelia had stopped stroking her. Silence fell between them par the continuous bickering between Isaac and Ellie.
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PostSubject: Re: The Way I Do ~ PurpleNurple   Fri Dec 26, 2014 11:29 pm

The carriage arrived at the school, and the five students placed their possessions with everyone else's for the elves to take up to their dorms.
Once they had bid goodbye, they separated to head to their rightful houses; Isaac and Ellie to Hufflepuff [their bickering heard few tables away], Nemo to Slytherin [he was welcomed quite heartily] and Amelia to Gryffindor. Benedict tried to escape the fire haired girl, heading to sit with the guys in his year, but she grabbed his hand and pulled the unwilling boy onto the bench next to her.
"You don't say much, do you?" Benedict shook his head, almost frightened to open his mouth. He thought if he did, he would say something that might not go in the 'sane' book.
"So, Mr Benedict, how come you're fourth year yet I've never seen you in the common room?" Amelia asked, raising her eyebrow as Benedict didn't reply straight away. He knew the answer, to him it was a very simplistic one that he was surprised she hadn't guessed. He was plain, boring one might say, so very easy to overlook. Amelia was a complete contradiction with her burning red hair, and eyes were always drawn her way. Benedict could stay in the shadows, his pale brunette hair no different from anyone else's. The only way you could spot him was if you were actually looking for him, but then you really had to look closely.
The only defining feature Benedict had was his eyes. His eyes were blue. Not the ordinary sky blue, or the colour of the paint flaking off of the old shed in the back of the field, or even the little flowers that spring up by the side of the road. His eyes were blue like the sea, crystal clear blue- shimmering and crashing and churning. Looking into his eyes you could hear the waves falling against the shore, see the foam flying into the air. His eyes were like a light in the dark, glowing and shimmering. They were like a Will O' Wisp, guiding you the way to your destiny, the wisdom burning in the core; showing were you needed to go. His eyes were that kind of blue.
Her hair was the opposite. Her hair was red. The different shades of red and orange merging together so subtly, so beautifully, the light rippled off each strand making her hair like a fire. Crackling and vivid, the embers leaping and dancing, creating stories and myths with every movement. The warmth of her hair could be felt even if you were a few yards away from her, and on colder days it could be the only warmth felt for miles away. It lit up the night, illuminating the darkened world, drawing people towards it like a siren's call.
"I stay in the library" He lied, but Amelia seemed to not notice the way his eyes flickered to left as he thought of a place he could be, or she decided to ignore it and nod softly as a reply.
"They set too much homework, don't they?" She asked, receiving a blank nod from Benedict.

On the Hufflepuff table; Ellie and Isaac's quarrelling had finally quietened and ended, and their conversation had moved on to more pressing subjects, such as the last episode of 'Toddlers and Tiaras'. However, this conversation came to an abrupt end as a tall boy, who was shortened by the slouch he held, sat down at the table. Isaac's face lit up at the potential of a new flirt-mate, while the giraffe of a boy cast a glance over at him. Ellie sighed, hating how quickly the conversation had ended to a boy appearing. One would have thought her used to it by now as it happened during most of their conversations. Isaac slid across the bench, and settled next to the boy who paid no attention to him.
"Hey, cutie" Silence "Hey" The boy jumped and pulled his wand out as soon as he spotted Isaac's presence. The wand was pointing down towards Isaac's nose, and Isaac scrambled backwards, almost falling off the wooden bench.
"Shit. Sorry" the boy said, a smooth accent clearly heard under his quiet baritone voice. He stowed his wand into the pocket of his black jeans, which he has somehow been allowed to wear.
The boy had turned his attention to the wooden grain of the table in front of him, and at this angle Isaac could see the earphones in his ears. Isaac reached over and tugged on the silk sleeve of the boy's cloak, which received a grumble and a hand movement to remove one of the earphones.
"What?" The boy, Andrew, asked, he believed he had made enough of a point that he didn't want to talk.
"I've not seen you around, what's your name, stranger?"
Andrew's eyes flicked over Isaac, Because I want to be left alone is what he wanted to say, but his mother had always taught him to be polite.
"Andrew" He was keeping his answers as brief as possible, "Your girlfriend is getting jealous" He nodded towards Ellie who was watching the two with an odd expression.
Isaac looked slightly confused, took a glance at the blonde girl before laughing so hard he had to grab onto Andrew's arm to stay upright.
"Girlfriend?" He managed to compose himself enough to talk, "Oh God no" He continued giggling. During Isaac's time as a hyena, Ellie had moved herself to Andrew's other side.
"Knight, I am offended. Aren't I good girlfriend material?"
"Probably not. Not for me anyway. You've got to much up here" He pointed at his chest, "Not enough here" He pointed at his crotch before giggling again, both at Andrew's confusion and Ellie's snort of laughter.
The chatter of the Main Hall died down as the Head Mistress stood, though old, her grace and elegance gave her an instant unknown power over the four tables where hundreds of students stood looking up at her. She spoke her usual speech, the First-Years, having just been sorted, gazed intently at her, as if each of the words were the only things that could save their lives of the danger that was Hogwarts, and in truth, they probably could.
Since Nemo was a prefect, he had to take the First-Years a scenic route around Hogwarts to the Slytherin Common Room, so Nemo left Benedict with Amelia. Though Benedict would happily have walked by himself, Amelia bounded by his side, linking their arms together as if they had been friends for years.
"Let go of me" He would have loved to hold hands with her, hell he would have loved to just hold her. But he didn't want any commitments like that, not just now.
"Hang on, do you know the password?" Amelia asked as they arrived at the painting of the fat lady. Benedict sighed as he moved Amelia out of the way, saying in a confident voice,
"Pigfarts" The painting swung forwards, the warmth of the Common Room instantly felt. The combination of the colours and a blazing fire made the two Gryffindors feel at home. The warmth was like a comforting hug that wrapped itself around your heart and soul. A few students here and there were chatting quietly, catching up with each other after the long, seemingly never ending, summer holiday.
A young boy with dark brown hair and eyes that matched it perfectly, bounded over to Amelia like a puppy seeing its owner. Jonathan was in his Second-Year, and met Amelia on his first day. He was like her little brother and she had adopted him as one.
"Oh my God!" Jonathan exclaimed seeing Benedict next to Amelia , the boy never did do greetings. "You're the guy who scored eight consecutive goals in that match against Slytherin!" Jonathan's excitement, though seemingly exaggerated, was not enough to show the ecstatic-ness of his happiness. He did not know Benedict's name even if he was the best chaser the school has seen centuries. He, the first since Harry Potter, was put onto the Gryffindor team in his First-Year. Since then, Gryffindor have lost any games since then.
"Yeah, I guess" Benedict replied, slightly mortified by Jon's excitement at seeing him.
"Oh. You play Qudditch? I wanted to join the team this year" Amelia grinned at Benedict. Amelia felt like she hardly knew anything about Benedict, it was something she was very keen in changing.
"Chaser?" He asked, and Amelia nodded, the grin still lighting up her pretty face. Jon, not liking not being centre of attention, puffed out his chest,
"I'm going to try out for seeker. We should go out and practice sometime, Ben" He said, pushing Amelia out of the way. Amelia knew what was happening and sighed, why was she friends with all the gay guys at this school? She had never seen Benedict with a girl before, even though that could mean something completely different, but Amelia's mind jumped to the conclusion she believed most likely. She was used to gays, it seemed Amelia was just a magnet for gay guys. But she couldn't help but feel jealous and disappointed at the prospect. Benedict's baby blue eyes were something Amelia could imagine herself spending time staring into, reminding her of the cool spring sky; when life was returning to the world again after hiding away for the dark days of the winter.
"Hey, Squirt, go annoy someone else." Amelia pushed Jonathan away from Benedict, her height and Jon's shortness assisting there. A dark glare and swish of a cloak hit Amelia as Jon stalked off to his group of friends, leaving the older Gryffindors to find two seats ad sit down, sharing stories as if they'd been friends for years.
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PostSubject: Re: The Way I Do ~ PurpleNurple   Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:06 pm

An autumnal fog settled over the Hogwarts castle, a blanket preserving the last of the summer's lasting warmth, protecting the world for as long as it can from the harsh winter that will soon bound over, napping and biting at those who walk over the frozen grounds.
The Hufflepuff tower was awoken by a high pitched shriek of 'Isaac!'. Ellie had been woken up by a huge spider crawling over her bed towards her hair.
"Isaac Knight! You fucking bastard!" She creamed, picking her crumpled self-off of the cold floor. Isaac's laugh could be heard from the common room as Ellie paraded down the flight of stairs. The shorter boy laughed and ran away from her as she leapt over one of the sofas in attempt to catch him. It was Monday, 5am, on the morning of the first day back at Hogwarts. The students would be receiving their timetables at breakfast.
Most of the Hufflepuffs had been awoken by Isaac and Ellie messing around, but this wasn't a rare thing that happened. The only difference from normal was the fact a certain redheaded girl wasn't there telling the two to stop. The other, saner Hufflepuffs all ignored the idiots, as one screamed every insult under the sun.
The Gryffindor tower was a lot quieter that morning and very one woke a lot more gradually. The fog meant the sun couldn't shine through the Gothic windows and this meant that the students were able to sleep peacefully without the bright light shining in their closed eyes.
Amelia's cat leapt onto her bed, startling the girl awake.
"Sheesh, fine. I'm awake" Amelia replied to the mewl of the bright eyed cat. Many assumed Amelia would get a cat that echoed the fiery brightness of her hair, but, in fact, the young tom, named Kat was the opposite. He had bright teal eyes and fur is a shiny blue colour. He meowed again, making his owner sigh. She picked him up and stepped out of the warmth of her bed onto the cold stone floor.
"C'mon then" She said, allowing the cat to climbing onto her shoulders.
The sight of a brunette head toasting by the warmth of the fire on a sofa, wide awake, surprised her. Most students try and stay asleep for as long as possible on the first day of school. Usually, at this time, Amelia would be the only one awake.
"Amelia" He seemed surprised to see her. She smiled at him as she sat herself beside him.
The remnants of the fire from the day before still glowing softly. It made the room have a hug like feeling/ a comfortable embrace that instantly made the two Gryffindors relax into each other’s company. Amelia forgot about her cat's demand to be fed and/or plead for attention.
"Why are you so awake early?" Amelia asked the boy, who merely did a light shrug.
"I couldn't sleep." He replied as Kat made his way off Amelia's shoulders and onto Benedict's lap. He looked at him confused, before he reached an uneasy hand to stroke the head of the cat. Kat began purring instantly, rubbing its head into his hand.
"Does this happen often? I've never seen you up before breakfast" Amelia said, watching the two of them smiling.
"That would imply you look for me" Amelia flushed tucking her fringe out of her face.
"Not just you. I watch everyone" Partly true, she does watch a lot of people but most recently she had just watching Benedict.
"I want to know, why haven't we spoken before? I seem to see you everywhere nowadays" Amelia continued talking. She didn't want a silence to fall over them even though she knew that the silence wouldn't be an awkward one. She just wanted him to continue talking. She was fascinated with the way his voice sounded from his lips which curved perfectly to form the words he wanted to say. Benedict shrugged at her comment,
"Never had the chance"
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PostSubject: Re: The Way I Do ~ PurpleNurple   Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:19 pm

The Dining Hall was just beginning to fill as the two Gryffindors went down. Benedict left Amelia to her two mental friends as he walked to the Slytherin table. Ellie and Isaac tiff still hadn't finished and Ellie had a spoonful of porridge as Isaac mentioned Aragog. The spoon didn't have any porridge on it any more. In fact, it was flying through the air. Isaac had ducked out of the way, and the blob of gloop collided with the cover of an old book being held up in front of a boy's head, the top of his curly hair just visible.
"Shit" Ellie walked over to the boy as Isaac tried to recover from his stitches of laughter. "Fuck, sorry" The Ravenclaw boy lowered his book, and looked at the stuff on it. He took out his wand and muttered a spell under his breath. The mixture vanished, as the boy started talking,
"You're meant to eat the food, you idiot" The boy said matter-of-factly, in a grumpy manner, not giving Ellie a second glance.
"I know, I'm sorry. It was meant to hit my friend." Ellie said and the curly haired boy took a glance at Isaac who was talking to Andrew.
"Right" Clearly he had lost interest and returned to his book,
I'm sorry, is there a way to make you forgive me?"
"Going away"
"Oh, okay. See you around then, erm" Ellie waited for him to say his name, but she got no reply. "I'm Ellie" No reply made Ellie sigh and walk back to the Hufflepuff table.
"Who did you nearly murder this time?"
"Never gave a name" Ellie shrugged, making Isaac groan,
"Gurl, you can't just throw porridge at people and not ask for their name. C'mon it was like the most romantic meeting I've ever witnessed and, boy, have I seen a lot chick flicks." Ellie returned to her porridge, shrugging nonchalantly. Isaac sighed and looked at Amelia, hoping for some entertainment and/or gossip from her.
"How is the love of Amelia and Benedict's going? I definitely started off with a Bam." Amelia seemed startled at being awoken from her little day-dream.
"Oh. Yeah" She replied, having paid no attention to any of the conversation.
"Ha! Knew it. Hey, cutie" He grinned at Andrew, who despite his often cold façade, he was quite a charmer. With the nod of his head, flower petals appeared above Isaac's head, falling delicately around his half eaten breakfast. Shaking his head like a dog, some petals fell out of his hair, while Ellie just snorted at them.
"Get a room already"
"We would have one if he wasn't a year older." Isaac noticed, Amelia just sighed, and turned to have a normal conversation with Ellie while the boys sat flirting with each other.

"First fucking day!" Ellie's loud exclamation was heard from the other side of the large library. The librarian ignored her, since she was so used to the noisy racket made by this particular group, and couldn't be bothered to fight it.
"Bloody homework" The three friends sat on a round table; Isaac was scribbling something in his notebook, while Amelia leant back in her chair chatting to Benedict. Ellie was surprised how well those two were getting along. But then again, she knew better than most how easily it was to get along with Amelia.
Ellie, pointedly not looking at her homework, saw a slightly familiar face on a table not that far away. She stood, walking over to him, sitting opposite him.
"Go away" He said, not looking up from the book he was reading.
"You never accepted my apology." She noticed, looking at the cover of his book, wanting to find out what he was reading. But a deliberate movement covered the book from Ellie's prying eyes.
"What will it take to make you go away?"
"Your name" The boy was quiet for a second, studying the young Hufflepuff closely. He, being in Ravenclaw, didn't talk much to other houses. Or anyone for that matter, all too stupid in his opinion,
"Zachariah" He replied finally, but his eyes dropped back to his book clearly showing his lack of interest in the conversation.
"Well, it's nice to meet you, Zachariah" She said, receiving nothing in reply.
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PostSubject: Re: The Way I Do ~ PurpleNurple   Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:20 pm

/ Farewells bid as the group separated to their rightful Common Rooms and Amelia scurried to catch up with Benedict.
“Thanks for helping me with the homework earlier” Amelia said to the boy who smiled softly back at her.
“Any-“ He was cut off by a loud squeal. The two glanced at each other before running to see who it had come from. A young first year laid face first on the floor, Amelia rushed to her as Benedict looked at what was written on the wall, [by a sharpie surprisingly].
’We shall never be destroyed. Cut off a limb, and two more shall take its place. We serve none but the Master- as the world shall soon serve us!’
The girl, Amelia found, seemed okay, apart from the fact she was unconscious, and Amelia looked towards Benedict as he started talking.
“Amelia get a load of this” Benedict pointed at the writing graffitied onto the wall beside the girl.
“What’s it mean?” Amelia asked, squinting as she read it, and received a shrug from Benedict.
“I have no idea. But let’s get Miss Unconscious here to the hospital wing.” With a wave of his wand, the girl rose from the ground, and the two Gryffindors began walking to the hospital wing. They were only interrupted once by Professor McGonagall who was curious as to what they were doing. Once the girl was in Madame Poppy’s care, Benedict and Amelia showed Professor to the writing on the wall, but not after a grumble about getting a detention.
“It is perfectly reasonable! The two of you are out of bed after hours!”
“We’re only fifteen minutes late”
“Doesn’t matter, Miss Lee”
“No buts or you will be having detentions every day this week!”
Amelia groaned, just as another Professor appeared on the scene. The Defence Against Dark Arts teacher swept dramatically into the room, his long black coat billowing behind him. Holmes always wears that coat, even when it is summer and is very warm in the corridors. His eyes flickered swiftly over the black writing on the wall.
“Written by a boy, obviously, not muggleborn. He was trying to throw us off his trail, but it does mean he is close to someone muggleborn or at least halfblood” Benedict and Amelia stood in the shadows watching as the Professor of Public Services, specialising in Wizard Cops, Professor Lestrade walked onto the scene.
“What makes you think that?”
“A quill isn’t able to write on the wall, so a muggle pen must have been used, and judging by the smell, it was a sharpie. Now, how do I know it wasn’t a muggleborn? Well the shape of the ‘a’ is completely wrong, and the writer isn’t used to a pen like this one, as you can see from the ink splatters here, here and here”
“As always, amazing” A voice came from the shadows, the opposite side of the corridor to the Gryffindors and it wasn’t long before the owner of that voice had attached itself onto Holmes, his small body tangling itself into the taller man.
“John” Holmes’ voice was muffled by the mouth of the Charm’s teacher. No matter how much the DADA teacher was enjoying himself, wanting to push the other Professor against the wall beside them, he pushed Professor Watson off him.
“Students” He said, the two Professors had managed to keep their relationship away from the students, and as quiet as they could, as students knowing would be a bad thing. John gave the two a glance; one looking mildly surprised, the other giddy from the cuteness of the lanky man cuddling the shorter man close. John gave a soft sigh, pecking Sherlock’s cheek. John turned to the two Gryffindors,
“Don’t tell anyone about us. You two are good kids, you will understand why, please don’t say anything. Promise us both?” His voice was soft, but had a firm edge. He had fully turned away from Holmes, now, and stood in front of Benedict, who was almost a full head taller than the professor.
“Of course we will” Amelia’s quite shocked silence got her a kick in the shin from Benedict. She was still trying to work out why she hadn’t guessed this relationship before. The sexual tension between them was so thick it could be cut with a butter knife.
“Ow. Yeah, yeah sure” She said, nodding before Watson returned his attention to Holmes. McGonagall sighed slightly, then looked at the two Gryffindors, pointing into the vague direction of the Common Room.
“Bed. Now”
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PostSubject: Re: The Way I Do ~ PurpleNurple   Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:43 pm

Rumours about the girl started to spring up early that next morning. Amelia’s favourite had to be that the girl had gone surfing and was knocked off her surf board and died. She walked beside Benedict who seemed to be spending an awful lot of time with her recently. She believed it was because Nemo had seemed to distance himself away from Benedict since the Gryffindor had begun talking to Amelia. She had to admit she was glad for his company. She had always been a third wheel and with Benedict she felt she had actually gained a friend who can stay with her in the Common Room even after curfew and isn’t annoying like Jonathan can be.
They were heading to breakfast when Benedict pointed at her necklace.
“Nemo has become interested in your fox. He’s always said foxes were his favourite anima after chameleons.” Benedict said, sitting next to Amelia as they reached the table.
“Oh, it was my grandma’s, from my mum’s side, she gave it to me as my first birthday present. She said she was given it by her Mother-in-Law, whose name was Lily. Lily gave it to her son in her will. As she died pretty young, but that said he must give it to his wife; a.k.a my grandma.” Amelia explained, shrugging lightly, “I do love it though, my grandma jinxed it to move, so sometimes depending on his mood, he’ll move to being stood up, sat or laying or however he wants.” She carefully held the little silver fox up.
“He’s currently really tired” The fox had his tail curled over as he laid in a very cosy looking position.
“It’s an extraordinary thing” Benedict said, he started to move his hands towards Amelia’s neck, before realising that was slightly unacceptable. “Oh, may I?” Amelia nodded and removed the necklace from around her neck and passed it to Benedict. The fox lifted his head to get a look at him before the necklace began to warm up slightly.
“It’s heating up. I haven’t broken it have I?” He asked, looking shocked. Amelia just smiled and shook her head,
“It means he likes you” Benedict lifted the necklace to eye height, a soft smile plastered on his lips. The fox had sat up, its opal eyes gazing intently at the boy, its tail gently wagging.
“Does it have a name? A gender?” The fox flicked its tail offended at Benedict not knowing his gender. The temperature suddenly of the necklace drastically dropped so it was too cold to hold, almost causing Benedict to drop it and mutter a curse.
“No name, and as you probably guessed, he doesn’t like it when people can’t see his gender” She noticed, shrugging, before making a slight gesture with his hand. He unclipped the necklace,
“May I?” He asked, holding the necklace up, Amelia nodded, turning away, lifting her hair up, Benedict carefully placed the silver chain around her neck. He took this as a chance to see the beauty of Amelia’s hair up close. While he pretended to fiddle with the clasp on the necklace, he stared, almost unwillingly at the fire of her hair. He took a deep breath, before leaning forward to gently kiss the back of her neck. Having seen her every single day for the last three years, he seemed to be seeing a new feature of her possibly even more beautiful than the last. Apart from her hair. That was the first thing he ever saw of her, and it will be a sight he will treasure for the rest of his life, and possibly after.
Amelia jolted in surprise, but moved back into Benedict, accepting and melting in to the kiss
“Damn, sorry. I don’t know what came over me” He said, his face flushed. Amelia gave a slight shrug and smiled at him.
“It’s fine”
“I... erm... I’ll just go” Benedict stood quickly, stumbling over the bench as he left in a hurry, leaving quite a bewildered Amelia at the table to watch him leave.
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/ Amelia didn’t see much of Benedict over the next week, he seemed to be ignoring her, and avoiding her. She had to admit she missed being around him, and more than anything she wanted to figure out why this boy had such an effect on her. She could hardly stop thinking about him, him and his blue eyes.
Isaac was sat on the table beside Amelia, his hand tightly tangled easily into the taller boy’s who sat beside him, Andrew. Those two had hit it off straight away, well, straight isn’t a word Amelia would use to describe the two. But they did seem very pleased with each other. Ellie had told Amelia that the whole Hufflepuff Common Room was covered in flowers, no one was sure where they were coming from, however they did seem to appear as soon as Isaac and Andrew started ‘going over’.
“Hey, Am, you okay?” Ellie asked, Amelia had her face squished against the cool table top, they were sat in the library trying to do homework. On her walk to library, she saw a patronus. It wasn’t really that strange, but she couldn’t see who had conjured it, plus the patronus was almost an exact replica of her necklace. She did try to make herself believe it was just another fox, but her necklace had a distinct style and this patronus had every defining feature of the necklace on it. Both foxes were in a cartoon style, and had a semicircle attached to its back so it could be held up by the chain.  Amelia knew she was being stupid. It was probably just her imagination playing tricks on her, or Peeves was messing around.
“Hm? M’fine” She replied, grumbling slightly. Since Benedict had stopped talking to Amelia, she had hardly said a word, and no matter how much Ellie had tried, she couldn’t seem to make the Gryffindor pleased about anything. Ellie wasn’t sure why Benedict had so suddenly stopped talking to Amelia. To two, before, got on like a house on fire, and it was so strange to see Amelia so reserved and quiet. The Gryffindor seemed unwilling to tell Ellie about it, even though the Hufflepuff had, a few times to get an answer out of her, she had had no such luck.
The Gryffindor jolted upwards as an owl dropped a piece of paper in front of her,
“Winnie?” The owl hooted a greeting, before fluttering off back, presumably, to her owner.
“What’s that? Ellie asked, as Amelia picked up the piece of paper curiously.
“It’s from Benedict” Amelia said, opening the piece of paper, smiling lightly.
‘Amelia, you have been chosen for Gryffindor’s Quidditch team, you will be playing in the chaser poisiton. Your goal scoring was by far the best of the whole try-outs, I would go as far as saying it was the best goal scoring I’ve witnessed in Hogwarts. Now, you will need to turn up to training at 6.50pm tonight. Benedict. ‘  
Amelia read the letter aloud to Ellie, her grin growing with every word.
“That’s great news, Amelia” Ellie said, and just as the words left her mouth, a small boy appears at their table.
“I got seeker” Jonathan announced, making both girls jump. “But you have to arrive earlier than me. I have to come at 7pm.” The boy studied Amelia’s letter with interest.
“Hey, Jon” Amelia said, absently glancing t the clock on the wall above the door. “I’d better go” She stood abruptly almost sprinting out of the library.
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/ Benedict sat on one of the benches, exactly two minutes before the time he had told Amelia to meet him. He made her come early, he wasn’t sure why, he thinks it’s probably so he can apologise for the stunt he pulled off a week before. He, like Amelia, hadn’t taken their silence well. He spent most of his time hidden in his dorm room or library.
When Amelia arrived, she was dressed in her Quidditch robes, her broomstick held lightly in her hand. Upon seeing her, Benedict stood instantly,
“I’m glad you came”
“Why wouldn’t I? I love Quidditch” Benedict lowered his head slightly, regretting what he had said, of course she would come.
“Yeah, yeah. So do I”
“I’d hope so, you being Captain and all”
The two stood in silence before Benedict lifted his head slightly to speak.
“Amelia-May, I-I want to apologise”
“Y’know, for the... erm… the…” He trailed off as Amelia drew closer to him with a soft inviting smile. She carefully placed her room down as she walked closer to Benedict, only stopping when their noses were inches apart. Benedict could feel the heat that was coming off the fire of her hair. She placed her surprisingly cold fingers under his chin,
“I told you, or at least I think I did. It’s fine. More than fine” Her voice was softer than her smile, and every breath Benedict took she leaned closer and closer to him. Benedict became flustered, his cheeks flushing, but he didn’t move away. His blue eye fluttered shut as Amelia pressed her lips delicately against Benedict’s. They wrapped their arms around each other as the kiss became more heated as the kiss became more passionate.
“Damn, I had hoped you weren’t into her” Jonathan had a habit of just ‘appearing’. Benedict backwards, seemingly worried about being caught out. Jonathan approached Amelia and slapped her shoulder.
“Good work, lass, he’s a hottie” He grinned brightly at them both.
The rest of the team arrived a few minutes afterwards, and Amelia and Benedict had moved away from each other, but their gaze hadn’t. One of the girls, Mia, glanced between the two. She was in the same year as Benedict, the two were close, but not enough to be classes as friends. Her foot was tapping impatiently,
“Benedict, when are we actually going to start?” The girl beside her, Zara, grinned
“Probably after they’re done eye-fucking”
“At least the word eye is there”
“Please, Jon. No, that’s a horrible image.” Benedict, hearing the conversation, flushed brightly, dropping his head, breaking the trace they were in. Before he started talking, Benedict cleared his throat loudly.
“Yeah. Yes let’s go”
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The team mounted their brooms, kicking off the ground soon after.
“Target practice first. Zara, you’ll be keeper, since you’re our best. Brett and older Jon, shall be beaters, thank you. Little Jon, find a snitch, mess around with that. Mia, Am, you with me, firing quaffles at Zara.” The team nodded and dispersed from the centre of the field to their rightful places, Amelia noting her nickname with a slight smile. Definitely better than Amy.
The team practised for a short while, before a loud squeal from the younger Jon made everyone glance towards him.
Huge wings, with a span larger than half of the pitch, the scales covering its huge body were a dark green with no shiny at all. As it got closer to the team, they could see numerous cuts and gashes across the whole body. Whole body of the dragon.
Amelia flew over to Benedict’s side,
“This wasn’t scheduled was it?” Amelia asked and Benedict slowly shook his head.
“I would have told you.” He noticed quietly, not looking at Amelia directly. “Probably Parker’s idea of a joke.” Amelia stared at the creature for a second before its loud deafening roar filled the air, charging straight towards the two. They gave each other a quick glance before turning their brooms around and flying in the opposite direction, the eyes of the dragon never leaving Amelia; her clearly being its target.
On her old Nimbus 2001, Amelia wasn’t any faster than the gigantic beast chasing after her, meaning the beast was quickly catching up.
“Benedict! Help!” Her shout was overshadowed by the dragon’s roar, but Benedict could see she was in danger.
“Aguamenti” He pulled his wand out of his pocket, the jet of water colliding with the dragon’s cheek, making the fire-lizard turn its large head to look at the blue eyed boy. The rest of the team had managed to flee, in search of anyone who could help. Dragons weren’t a usual thing to appear on a Thursday night,
The beast started snapping its jaws before widening its mouth to allow a ball of fire to begin to form just within its gaping jaws. Amelia, noticing the fire, and having left her wand in her school robes, she was too preoccupied in pumping herself to see Benedict, she charged head long into the dragon, knocking its head away from its chosen victim.
“Hey, Mushu!” She shouted at the beast, which when compared to her looked positively huge, its whole head the same size of her entire body. “Pick someone your own size” The yellow eye of the dragon flicked over to Amelia, and letting out another roar, it closed its mouth and dived after the girl again.
“I’m not your size!” She shouted, swerving to avoid the teeth. “What do we do?” Amelia shouted to Benedict. “Anything we do just makes it angrier.”
“I recommend don’t do anything then” Benedict replied, his eyes firmly trained on Amelia. He let out a small sigh, running a hand through his hair. “I can’t do this” He muttered diving steeply to grab onto Amelia, pulling her from her broom onto his. “Sorry” He said as her broom fell to the floor. He flew her over to one of the huge vertical tents and pushed her inside.
“Stay here.”
“Where are you going?”
“To get rid of it. It was a stupid idea” With that, he was gone, flying back out to somehow remove the dragon. Stupid idea? What does he mean by that?
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It only took a few minute for the older Gryffindor to have returned to Amelia’s side.
“Why wasn’t you able to get rid of the dragon before?”
“It… It, erm, the spell would have caught you and you would have been… Um…Erm hurt” Amelia didn’t believe him, but nodded.
“What spell was it?” Benedict paused, scanning his brain to try and find an excuse, if he told her a random spell, either she will want him to prove it, or she might use it herself and get herself badly injured.
“It’s a very complex spell. You don’t learn it until year, um, five”
“So how do you know it?”
“I do sixth year charms” Benedict replied nonchalantly, and Amelia shrugged lightly,
“I should have known; I’m sorry” She shook her head slightly, “Hang on, you said sorry, when you were lifting me onto you broom. Why?” Benedict, again, paused. Somehow he needed to tell Amelia what he had caused, what he was after, or more, what he used to be after. The pure look on Amelia’s face made his heart drop, melting the vital organ into mush. The fear that was on Amelia’s face during the dragon’s attack made him want to protect this girl from anything evil in the wizarding world, including himself and what he used to be a part of.
He was apologising for how he used her to get close to what he, or what he was part of, wanted. He didn’t want to tell he any of this she would probably hate him, but he also feared what the group he used to be a part of would do to him as soon as they found out what he had done, but as long as Amelia was safe he was happy.
“I’m sorry for, erm, pulling you off your broom. I probably hurt you and/or your broom has broken”
“I do think that the dragon could have done more damage” Amelia laughed as Benedict smiled softly. Could he kiss her? He was starting to believe the first kiss was his way to protect her from the dragon. Or at least to show her his stupid little crush before anything happened to her. He wanted to kiss her again, show he was sorry, show he was on her side even though she didn’t know they were sides to choose just yet.
He took a deep breath before walking towards her, his arms easily finding a way to wrap his arms around her. She smiled softly, her eyes scanned over Benedict’s face, she hadn’t believed everything the boy had said, he had stuttered too much. He was an enigma, she wanted to spend time with him, slowly unravelling the strings of his life. Taking every single thread to her heart, cherishing each fibre which was worth more than anything in this world. They moved closer to each other,
“We’d really get told off if we were caught.” Benedict muttered against her lips, uncaring.
“But they won’t” She used his top to pull him closer, kissing him gently.
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“Was the dragon just a ploy to get rid of us. Eye fucking just wasn’t enough was it?” The two jumped apart at the sound of Jonathan’s voice. A small crowd had gathered around, watching them. The two were blushing brightly as the Quidditch teacher, Professor Banner, pushed his way through, followed by the Care for the Magical Creatures professor, Professor Parker.
“Where is the dragon?” Parker asked, glancing around the room as if it would be in there.
“Benedict got rid of it” Amelia said and Parker raised an eyebrow.
“A spell you learn in the fifth year apparently” Benedict dropped his head as Parker and Banner laughed.
“Mr Bennett, please teach me this spell, it would be very useful. I’m sorry to tell you this, but Lee, I don’t think your boyfriend is being entirely truthful. It was probably his patronus” But Benedict shook his head in disagreement. He muttered ‘Expecto Patronum’ and from his wand appeared a fox. A fox Amelia knew well.
“It was your patronus I saw! I thought I was going mad” The silver fox ghost had echoed the position of her necklace perfectly looking towards Amelia.
“Mr Bennett, how did you make that dragon leave?” Banner asked, and Benedict knew he was trapped, and he exhaled slowly.
“I told you to leave”
“What? How?” Parker butted in.
“It’s a trained dragon. It’s like the one used in Gringotts. It is trained to associates with bad things. When it hears this, it will fly away in fear.”
“How did you get a trained dragon?”
“It belongs to my friend. He’s the leader of a group I used to be in”
“Why?” Amelia said, looking at him confused and hurt.
Benedict fell silent, his eyes steadily resting on her. He took a deep breath.
“They are after that” His hand lifted to point directly at Amelia’s neck. The fox on her necklace stood. Its hackles raising as a silent snarl was directed at the boy. Amelia was more refined. She brushed her fringe out of her eyes, gave Benedict a hard stare before she turned away from him and pushed her way through the crowd.
“Amelia! Wait!” She ignored him as she ran over the pitch towards a secluded place, she had found the year previous, by the lake.
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Winter had rolled in fast, with no leaves on the trees made the branches cast dark sinister shadows over the damp ground. Amelia sat on the bank, her knees drawn to her chin.
“Bastard” She muttered, she looked at her fox necklace in her hand.
“Fucking. Bastard.” She shouted, her grandmother had warned her about people after her necklace. Amelia knew why they were after it, so it never left her neck. She had never thought Benedict of being after it. Why would he want it?
“Homenum Revelio” A voice Amelia certainly didn’t want to hear, came from the other side of the bush, and Benedict quickly pushed his way through.
“Amelia-“ The girl hastily wiped her eyes, pointing her wand towards him.
“Fuck off.”
“I don’t want to hear any sob stories, you fucking cunt. I trusted you.  Why do you want this? It has no use to you!” She stood up, taking a few steps towards him with her finger was pressing into his chest.
“Nemo, he-“
“Don’t bring your boyfriend into this-“
“Amelia. Be quiet. Just for one minute, please. Let me explain.” Amelia huffed the hair off her head but allowed him to continue.  “Nemo has a team, mostly Slytherins. They are after your fox friend there. Nemo and I are the only ones who know what it actually is. The others just think it’ll sell for a lot if we put it on the black market.” He took a breath, allowing Amelia to jump in.
“Why do you want it?”
“I don’t. Nemo does”
“But you said you’re in his group.”
“I was. But I sort of ruined Nemo’s plans by not doing everything he asked, he’s long replaced me.” Amelia moved to sit down on the floor, having calmed a bit.
“Why does he want it?”
“To destroy it” Amelia’s hand clutched onto her necklace as Benedict sat down next to her.
“You know what it is?”
“A horcrux” She said quietly, and Benedict nodded.
“My great grandpa’s” Benedict gave her a nod, relaxing next to her, noticing her calming.
“Yeah. Nemo’s family were known to hate that man. He was just a dumb, old fool to them.” Amelia started to bristle, as the fox did before Benedict jumped in.
“To them. Personally I found him quite fascinating man. But the Malfoy’s never liked him.” Amelia’s head fell onto Benedict’s shoulder, startling him slightly, but he moved his hands to gently braid her hair.
“Get a beard like his”
“It would suit you” They were silent for a moment before Amelia asked one more question,
“What’s the group called?”
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The corridors were silent as the two Gryffindors walked into the castle. They were walking pretty quickly, they didn’t want to be caught out of bed again. Neither of them knew the time but judging from the darkness of the sky outside it was pretty late. Benedict took Amelia down a short cut, only to be met by a small creature stood in the way. Amelia lifted her wand into the air, the tip lit, helping to light up the room.
“Nemo?” Amelia grasped the fox of her necklace tightly. The small creature moved and, in the blink of an eye, transformed.
“Oh, Ben, I trusted you with so much” Nemo’s voice rang throughout the small dark corridor, masking the footsteps of a band Slytherins. The two of the biggest boys grabbed the arms of the Gryffindors, holding them behind their backs, preventing them from moving away. Both struggling to pull free, but without much succession.
“No point trying to escape, you won’t benefit from it.” Nemo said, before clicking his fingers, and the Gryffindors were led to another dark room. The room smelly musky and ad an odd green tinge to it. Amelia had no clue where on Earth they had been taken.
“It’s a shame, Benedict, I liked you” Benedict and Amelia had been sat onto chairs their hands tied behind them. Nemo walked around the back of the chairs, his hand sliding along the back of Amelia’s. He reached out and grabbed her chin, his green eyes becoming level with hers.
“Let go of her” Benedict’s attempt at nobleness was laughed at by the fair-haired Slytherin. He tightened his grip on her,
“Boys, look, it’s young love” A chorus of sarcastic ‘awhs’ sounded from the group. Benedict tried to free himself, but had no success. Nemo glanced at him, smirking before kissing her firmly on her lips. She didn’t reply and pulled away, receiving more laughs. Nemo silenced the laughs with a wave of his hand. Nemo let go of her chin but grabbed the necklace that was around her neck. The fox bristled at Nemo as he moved it from side to side taking in every detail.
“Let go” Amelia said.
“Or what?” Nemo lifted his eyes to look at her, in time for spit to land in his eye.
“Bitch!” He exclaimed, quickly moving and kicked the leg of her chair so it tumbled backwards, colliding loudly with the ground. “You have a choice, Miss Lee” Nemo started pacing again, his eyes not leaving the girl.
“Take the necklace off and hand it over or I will destroy it while it’s on your delicate little neck.”
“Go to Hell”
“Miss Lee” Nemo sighed, “Dear, you know whose Horcrux that is? It is a terrible man’s. A lunatic. He killed many for no reason, destroyed many lives and that is only the start-“
“Albus Perciful Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was a great man”
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“Don’t lie to yourself, Lee!” Nemo was shouting now, his pacing increasing, his footsteps were getting closer and closer to Amelia’s head. “He was a madman! He didn’t think about anyone but himself. You have part of his soul around your neck, where he could be easily resurrected. Bringing nothing but chaos to the world. Now give me the fucking necklace!” Amelia shook her head, “Fine, I will just have to destroy it along with you.” Nemo lifted his wand, just as Benedict jumped in front of the girl, his own wand raised,
“Protego!” An invisible barrier appeared before the two of them.
“Nemo, two things, remove wands from your ‘prisoners’ possession, and spells won’t destroy a horcrux.” He said, he pointed his wand around the group before bending down to help Amelia. At the sight of the wand, all Slytherins but Nemo scarpered.
“What the devil is going on here?”  The voice of the Satanic Rituals professor, Professor Loki, rang out as he walked into the room. His great horned hat, as always, perched on his head. Beside him, the Muggle Studies professor walked in, glancing between the students.
“Professor Loki… Professor Thor… we were just-“
“We don’t want to hear it, Malfoy. McGonagall’s office, now” Thor said, leading the boy out. Loki glanced between the two Gryffindors before shrugging, and walking away.
“What about us, sir?” Amelia asked,
“Aren’t you the good guys in this story? Just make-out like nothing happened and you won’t get punished for the numerous rules you broke.” The professor walked out of the room, allowing Amelia to jump into Benedict’s arms to kiss him.
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PostSubject: Epilogue   Sat Jan 10, 2015 8:46 pm

“Oi. Lovebirds! Please clear these seats of flowers. Your friends would like to sit down.” Ellie said as she and Amelia walked into the compartment of a carriage. The two boys reluctantly pulled away from each other,
“It’s the only chance we will get until after the Christmas holidays” Isaac complained,
“I don’t care. Go do it in the guy’s bathroom since you can.”
“You’re just jealous-“
“Just because you like that Zachariah and can’t do anything about it”
“I do not like him”
“You don’t?” Zachariah pulled open the compartment door, stepping inside. “That wasn’t what you said last night” Ellie flushed brightly, and sat on one of the seats not covered in flowers. Zach flicked his wand and the flowers vanished, receiving an ‘awh’ from the gays. He sat down next to her, as Amelia found herself the seat by the window.
“Where’s your boy?” Ellie asked, and Amelia shrugged,
“He was talking to a Professor, said he shouldn’t be long.” She replied, and with that the door opened again and the second Gryffindor walked inside. He quietly made his way over to Amelia and sat opposite her.
“Speak of the devil” Isaac jumped in, receiving an odd look.

The train arrived at Kings Cross in what seemed record time, the six had chatted the ride away and time just seemed to fly by as fast as the scenery out of the window. They spoke about everything yet nothing at all, the topic of the conversations forgotten many times due to Ellie and Isaac starting to bicker, but they all enjoyed themselves. Amelia and Benedict’s hands remained clasped together, Isaac had his head rested on Andrew, while Zach and Ellie sat with their shoulders and legs close together. But all too fast the content warm moment was over as the train pulled to a stop, forcing them all out onto Platform 9 ¾.
Amelia’s parents loudly approached her as soon as they spotted her stood with Benedict.
“Oh, Amy! Who is this?!” Amelia’s mother said after bundling the poor girl into a tight hug. Her reply was muffled and not understandable,
“I’m Benedict” Benedict said, and rather than getting a hand shake he too was bundled into a hug.
“Lovely to meet you Benedict!”
“Mum, would you just get my bags for me?” Amelia asked, her mother nodded, grabbing her father’s hand and dragging him to help her with the bags. “Run while you can” She mumbled to Benedict, “They will question you to death otherwise” She gave him a quick kiss before standing back from him.
“Let’s go Amy, before we get caught in traffic. Say goodbye to your friend.” Her parents stood behind her as she smiled at the blue eyed boy.
“Merry Christmas, Benedict”
“Merry Christmas, Amelia.”
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The Way I Do ~ PurpleNurple
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