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 Random Stories

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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:24 pm

So much isadrew
"Just try to remember, we don't want to look like stalkers, so no eye contact" Well we failed that instantly, as we just looked directly at each other when I said that.
"Ah, we're not good at this". Isaac noticed, doing a little jump to kiss my cheek before taking my hand to hold while we waited in line to get inside. I keep a tight grip as I really don't want to lose him in this vast crowd of toddlers. Mary and Ethan were stood close by; and three of the four Knights looked excited. But Knight-Leeson looked most. And quite frankly it was one of the most adorable things I have ever seen. Quickly ducking down, I kissed his cheek, and, before he could complain or argue, I pointed out
"This is Disney, the gayest place on this Earth. Embrace the gayness" I kissed his cheek again, but that was the final time as I knew Isaac disliked public affection. "Lets come here on the fourth of July, then we can be ultra gay"
"Shut it you, or very gay things will happen"
"What if I want them to?"
"Then you will have to wait until we get home-"
"GUYS... Mary and Eth do NOT want to hear that. Neither do I" Tatiana said as we past through the main gate. "We are going to leave you two, gay-lovers, and do without your constant newly wed talk." Tate said before leading the kids off. I find this to Isaac and my advantage.
"Lets go see the Disney characters. I heard the Peter Pan is cute" Isaac said, and tugged me along to where a mass huddle of people and children were dressed up. We watched as a young girl dressed as Snow White approached the supposed real one.
"I'd love her job" Isaac said, smiling to himself slightly.
"Be her or on her?" I asked, receiving a quite painful punch in the shoulder.
"What is with you and the inappropriate jokes today?"
"Maybe I am suggesting something"
"We're at Disney, I can't say that word here!". I exclaimed, shaking my head in mock disappointment at Isaac. Isaacgot my ohsosubtle hint and shook his head, smiling slightly.
"So would you be her?"
"I wpuld love to have been a Disney Princess, if I could." Isaac replied, which was the perfect introduction to start singing 'Why Can't I Be A Disney Princess?' Another thump in the shoulder,
"Idiot" Isaac giggled, dragging me away from Snow White, who had glanced up at my sudden singing.
"Isaac, I could have gotten you that dress! Snowie was hooked" Another punch.


We explored Disney for a little while before we found a large statue surrounded by flowers. There was every colour, every type, every single flower here. Geraniums, poppies, zinnias, violets, so majy. It was paradise. So colourful, the combined smell of all the flowers was pure beauty. I wanted to spend my entire life just laid surrounded by these flowers with Isaac beside me, just us nothing- Oh My God. My chain of thiughts abiut paradise were cut short by the sight of one singular flower.
"Isaac... Isaac look" My voice was higher than its usual deepself as I pointed at the flower in front of me. Outer petals a light pink while the inards were peach. Only one flower fitted that description and it was the Disneyland Rose. Never in my life had I dreamed to see it and there it was, right in front of me. The combination of colours perfect, like the breeze on a summer's evening, or Isaac and I. Just perfect- The snap of a camera made me jump, and I looked up to see Isaac holding his camera upto his face. He took another picture and grinned at me.
"Pigeon, it is the Disneyland Rose. One of the most beautiful things in this world" I explained to him as he walked to my side and took my hand. I kissed his cheek, smiling at his then looked back at tge rose, trying hard not to squeal in any way.
"Just like some singles around here"
"You're talking about yourself again" I looked at him and gently pulled him into a kiss. Yes; there may be a rose just next to me I have dreamed of seeing for years, but Isaac means so much more than a silly flower. I would trade all the flowers in the world for Isaac. But, I know I don't have to. So I pulled away to look at the rose. Isaac took a few pictures of the rose for me, then adjusted the camera settings slightly to photograph the large Disney statue towering over us, the one I failed to notice.
"Lets come here again. Just you and me, it is just so, so magical"
"Of course we can come again, I just want to see your reaction to that flower again" Isaac giggled, kissing me again.

(tired and lazy to edit typos)
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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:05 pm

Chemistry between us
A study in human biology

to look at {omg the gimp brushes on their faces are so pretty}

Tap. Tap. TAP.

I can't concentrate on my Anatomy work.

Tap. Tap. TAP.

Every time I press my pen against paper, it's shaken off.

Tap. Tap.

Before the last, stronger tap, I turn around. A pair of blue eyes is staring at me with such intensity as if he may look through my skull. A half smirk is spread across his face. I flush and turn around, shaking my hair out of my sight. I should probably cut it, the black curls were in my eyes, distracting me.


"Could you stop kicking my chair?" I hiss at him. He responds with a wider smirk. He's the new student in our school, and I would've never guessed that he studies to become a doctor, not with his spiked up blond hair, varsity hoodies, tattooed arm, piercings on his eyebrow, nose, tongue (I guess) and multiple ones on his left ear. He looks more like a DJ than a college student. And he isn't paying attention to the class now, either.

Tap. Tap.

He starts kicking the chair as soon as I turn back around. I feel something bounce off of my hair onto the table. A paper, squashed into a small, aerodynamic ball. What are we, kindergartners? I unravel the paper ball to reveal a note, written in a slanted, long handwriting in thin, black tint.

Hello gorgeous. Care to meet me after class? My eyes widen, breath catches in my throat. I glance at him again and he winks at me.

I focus my eyes on the teacher, but I can't pay attention to it, even though he stopped kicking the leg of my chair.

I hear his breath. I feel it circulate through the air, half-clashing, half-mingling with oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, reaching the hairs on the back of my neck, which stand on their ends.
His heart pumps. I can't see it, and I can't feel it, but it does. His blood, the life-giving liquid, the cells, both red and white and the platelets, rush through his body, from his heart, to his heart. Making him function.
I look at his hands. Well kept nails, unique fingertips, leaving prints on the pen, paper, desk, eraser, everything he touches.
He blinks three, four, five times a minute, a wet, thin layer, a veil, covering his ages, protecting them from dryness. Making his eyes bright and clear, like oil in a glass cup or the sea, peaceful in its vessel. His eyebrow and nose studs shine in the sunlight.

All that, all those things, so ordinary, so individual.

I realize I'm staring, I've been staring for a few minutes. And I also realize he blushes, ever so slightly, just some red blotches on his cheeks. Yes, he is the so-called 'bad-boy', but I was the valedictorian, for goodness' sake! He had reasons to be ashamed. Flirting with me... I square my shoulders and clear my throat. He has no right to flirt with me!

Why would I want to do that? I jot down a short message and throw the ball back at him. It takes him longer to write a note this time. I guess I puzzled him with my staring. He hits my shoulder with the paper ball this time.

I am sure you are aware of my intentions.

Why should I? I write but never throw it to him, because the professor looks our way. I don't dare to throw the ball again.


I take my time packing up, closing the books, putting my pen in my pencil case as slow as it was possible. When I finish, I am alone in the classroom so I stormed out. I don't see him until after the bell rings for class, when I'm rushing to the classroom. I run into him, which is a considerable challenge, since he's a head shorter than me.

"What?" I come off as rude. He doesn't notice. Or ignores.

"Look..." he starts peacefully."I just think there's chemistry between us." Before I could complain and / or yell at him, he looks at my chest, and I notice that I'm holding my Chemistry books against it, sandwiched between me and him.

I don't have to word it out for you to know what happened in the school bathroom after that.

And there WAS chemistry. Both real and metaphorical.

(Actually, no, not real. We skipped the next class, which was, indeed, Chemistry.)

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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:28 pm

I've seen perfection

"Welcome home. Well, not actually home, this is just the suburb. Heaven or whatever the Hell is this has pretty nice architecture, I wonder who designed the-" Luckily, she stopped me. Thank goodness she stopped me. She ran into my chest. Red hair found its way under my lips. And tears,  hot tears, dropped on it.

"Ben", she bit down these words, which were muffled by my white shirt. Everything was white here, goddamnit, but I didn't mind. It could have been in the colours of the gay pride flag, and I wouldn't mind. It could have been a black box, and I wouldn't mind. We would make use of it nicely.

She was here. Oh my God, she was here. With me.

She pressed her hands on my stomach.

"No, not even a scar", I answered with a faint laugh. And then I looked into her eyes and she looked back.

It hurt. It wasn't alright. But we were getting there.

"How fucking dare you!" she punched me and I stumbled backwards. Took me by a surprise, for the first time in my life. Well, not my life. My death. "How dare you, go out and DIE like that?!"

"Believe me, I didn't intend it to be like that." And then we just broke. That hug before was nothing. Was air. This, this was a gripping, clutching, desperate action, which knocked out all air from my chest. I felt her warm sob in my ear before she kissed me, she kissed my face, not caring where the kisses landed. After a few seconds, I grabbed her face and pulled her into a kiss, a proper one.

It struck us like a lightning. Our actions were primal, animalistic.

If you were to create a need list, what do humans need to survive, you'd put air first, then water, then food. She was my need. She was my priority.

"Ben." She needn't say anything else. Her voice was raspy, breaking, like the emotions fractured the mask. I pressed a kiss into her hair.

"If I was more selfish than I actually am, I would've told you to kill yourself sooner." She laughed quietly.

"You're still quite selfish", she bumped me looking up. There were tears in her eyes, and there were probably tears in my eyes, too. I saw her through the misty veil of sad relief.

"You'll like it here", I noted as I looked around, she still in my arms. I never wanted to let her go.

"Anywhere with you", she said, but she glanced about too.

"And guess what, my leg's better, so I can frolic around in the meadow with puppies", I told her. She laughed at me.

"Of course. Meadows are the most important things."



"I want you to meet my parents." She smiled. And how I missed that smile. I saw perfection here, I saw perfect people and perfect places. But it was only her.

Perfection isn't perfect with my little imperfection. Amelia.

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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:56 pm

Theory of relativity

Beep. I hear a beep. I think. Some shuffling, crunching paper. Flattening paper. A sharp breath. Nothing.


"But why. Why him. Why now." A reply I couldn't hear, a violent bark. A whimper.

I can't see. I can't feel. I can't think. I can hear.


"You should get him flowers."
"Flowers will perish before he wakes up."
"Get him artificial ones."
"I'll take him to a biology centre if he wants to see flowers, but I doubt it."
"Doubt he'll want to see flowers or doubt he'll wake up?" I don't hear a reply. Maybe there is none. I don't know.


"I love you. I know I never said it, I know I don't show it, but…" Silence. "I love you and I don't want you to go, even if it hurts. It will hurt less if you stay. I promise. I'll try to change." It doesn't hurt. I don't feel anything.


Until I do. Then I feel pain.

"Doctor?… Doctor!" Beeping gets louder, louder, stronger, faster, LOUDER—

Until it stops. I feel nothing again.


No, incorrect. I feel numb. I feel a weight on my hand, a careful, steady weight. I rely on it. It's my connection to reality.

My rock to the tide which washes away everything else. My clarity.


"I can't do this, Molly. I can't. Where is the life in his face, where is HE-" A bitten back sob.


"Don't you dare, Sherlock. Don't you dare. What do you think he'd say if he knew?"
"He doesn't know. He doesn't know how it feels."
"Two years. I think he does. Last just a week. Cross that option off your list."


I feel a hand on mine, slender fingers drawing circles on my arms.
"I can't do it. You were my only escape. I'm not that strong. You know I'm not that strong." Abrupt noise, rhythmic thumps. Hand gone. Door slammed shut. Silence. Beeping.


Sometimes the pain is a lightning, sometimes an avalanche. Equally destructive, but you don't expect the lightning. You expect the avalanche.

I expected the avalanche. I didn't prepare for it.


One high, constant note, sometimes trembling, a bit hollow, a bit fractured from the inside. It gets louder. Louder. Louder.

I realize it's me. It's me. I'm screaming. Why?

I don't know. I feel like I should.

I feel pain but I'm not in pain.

I'm floating.


"No. No you didn't."
"You promised to John, Sherlock. You promised to me. I know you can't help it, but if you call Mycroft-"
"He's on more drugs than John and me combined."
"You're lying."
"Stop, Sherlock, before it's too late. We care for you. You're like an annoying dog we can't throw out because we're used to tripping over its tail."


It feels like my eyes are sewn shut. I try to open them, but the stitches are too thick. I see only the swirls on the back of my eyelids.


Then I can't breathe. I cough and inhale air with my mouth fully open, but I can't consume oxygen.


"Some of the fractures ended in his lungs. They can either risk his life to operate him or leave him, risking for the shards to penetrate the lungs."
"No win. I can lose everything."
"We're playing Russian Roulette with no chances of winning. We're playing a Dead Man Jackpot."


I open my eyes to white. People in white in a room of white surrounded by red. Red, pink, silver. One splinter of silver ends in my arm. I feel a needle. Then I feel nothing.


"You're shaking."
"Of course I'm shaking. I c-c-could've lost him." Teeth chattering, like someone was cold.
"Are you clean?"
"As a whistle. Drugs don't help me think."
"Maybe that's why you're shaking."


"A month. A month. 2 520 000 seconds. That's enough. Wake up." Harsh, husky voice.

I want to tell him that I'm trying, that I want to wake up, that I want to open my eyes.

I can neither open my eyes or say that I want to.


I try to count seconds, too. I get to 221, then I dissolve. I feel nothing.

No hand in mine. No voices in the room. No rhythmic thumping. Nothing.

Nothing lasts for three days. In those three days I counted 10125 seconds. I keep dissolving into nothing. I keep imploding.

I can't feel my clarity.


"Sherlock." My words aren't even audible. Aren't recognizable. Yet he comes, 2532 seconds later.
"John. John?" But I'm not there. I can't speak. I can't hear. I can't think. I can hear.

I hear crying.


I hear crying the day after that.

I break.

I break the stitches on my eyes, I break the stitches on my mouth, I break the chains which hold me in one spot.

I break nothing.

"John? Oh, God, John…" I see black. I see his black curls. I smell his hair. I feel his arms around me. I feel the tears on his face. I can't even imagine what's going on on his face. But now, I won't have to imagine it. I see him.

I feel pain, unnumbed. I feel the stinging somewhere in my chest zone. I feel the needles in my arms. I feel. It hurts, but that's how I know I'm alive.

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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:42 pm

Romeo and Romeo

My neighbour, John Watson, is a player.

He frequently invites women over, and, even more often, exits his flat all dolled up, and I'd decide that he's going on a date. Sometimes he returns quickly, with a girl I haven't seen before. Sometimes he returns the day after, in the morning.

I know, because I see it all through my window.

I live just across the street, with my husband. Yes, John had seduced me with his charm, as well, but that was years ago, in high school. We stayed friends, though, because, even though we didn't work as a couple, we still spent significant amount of time near each other. Small town, what can you do.

Why didn't we work? I wanted emotional, he wanted physical.

He was a womanizer.



Early on a Wednesday, while I was showing my daughter off to school, I glanced through the kitchen window.

An unusual figure, tall, elegant, with impeccable posture, stood on the doorway of John's building.

I didn't pay much attention to them, because I guessed it was just another one of John's hookups.

So wrong, so right.

They buzzed the first, top button. John's button.

They turned around. I recognized that it was a man. Odd, but, again, I didn't pay much attention to him. John was a doctor, and the man (younger than me, around 25 or so) was probably a college student, asking for an interview. He even had a pen tucked behind his right ear and a notebook pressed against his chest.

And a faint blush, when the reply came through a speaker above the buttons. He came through the door, when it opened, in a hurry.

I didn't think much about it, so I just shrugged it off, and continued with my day.

It wasn't until after I sent my child to school and prepared for work myself did the college kid get out of the building, with an even redder flush, pen sticking out of his hair, notebook upside down on his chest, and an untucked shirt.

I thought he walked in on John's adventures.

I didn't doubt anything.


About a week after that, he appeared again, without the notebook.

I still didn't pay special attention to him, for all I'd known, he needed to complete the interview.

John's window on the first floor was open, so I could see glimpses of John and the other one through it.

I didn't see them for long, they disappeared. The window was just so big.

This time it was in the afternoon of a Saturday.

After I heard a door slam shut to some questionable noises from the flat, I started doubting.


But a coherent doubt had formed when I heard giggles.

In retrospect, I'd've been blind for a month.

At first it was only giggles.

It escalated quickly.


I was unlucky enough to hear it, across an empty street.

They started talking. Through occasional grunts and moans.

"What do you think — ahh — my professor would say if she", brief moment of silence, "goddamnit, if she knew."

"That's why she", throaty noise", doesn't know."

"And we're doing a bloody good job, aren't we, to keep up her ignorance, by opening the windows, by choosing to ignore the lovely bed you've got there and doing it on — don't stop, right there, right there —"

Traumatized, I locked the door to my house. Twice. Just in case.


"John! John! Bloody fuck, John, I'm not going to wait here forever, I haven't all the time in this sodding universe, I've school!"

The loveliest thing woke me up that Monday.

"John, you fucking wanker! John!" The kid'd hissed at the closed door. Then he'd growled at the window. Then talked out loud. The window on the first floor stood still. The kid crossed his arms, called a random number, and waited.

The window opened.

"Holy fuck. Is it six am or pm. Did I sleep the day off. Sherlock, it's a Monday", John screeched down at him.

"John, I am aware", Sherlock kid replied in the same manner."But I'm also aware that you called me yesterday to come today, so I did."

"Didn't come just yet", John's voice was low, but I could still hear it. Sherlock choked. "What, aren't you going to serenade me, a la Romeo and Juliet, now that we're here in this position?" John was leaning against the window sill, Sherlock was glaring up at him.

"If love", he started, "be rough with you, be rough with love. Prick love for pricking and you beat love down."

"That's a nice quote you got yourself there."

"At least I read." Arrogant, Sherlock was. But John is a doctor. He knows stuff.

"Give me my sin again."

"You git."

"I believe I out-quoted you. Who doesn't read now?"

"Just open the blasted door."

And John did. That time they were decent enough to close the window.


But it wasn't until yesterday I got worried. What were the two men up to? I dared to ask.

John had hurried out to throw the garbage out, at eleven pm, in a long, long shirt.

And, just as a coincidence, so did I.

"Hello stranger." His feet were bare, but his legs were covered knee up by the shirt. There was no doubt it wasn't one of his."What are you up to tonight?"

"Nothing much, really", I replied as we threw the garbage into the trashcan.

"I guess you're wondering why I'm up so late", he said.

"No, not really, I'm up myself, aye, mind you, so I have no right to ask."

"Sarah, Sarah", he shook his head, "I know you're dying to know. Your curious little brain must be boiling. That's what I like about you. Never straight forward, yet you get what you want. You're a fox." I began to complain.


"No, I mean it in a good way!" His laugh was terribly cheery. "You were the only one I ever considered for a long run. But, I suppose…" His gaze escaped to the first floor, to his flat. To Sherlock."I guess that's not a possibility now, right?" He winked at me."I've got a warm bed waiting for me as we speak, so goodbye." He headed towards his home with a smile.

And even if he wore a licence plate which said 'I went homo', it wouldn't've been more clear who kept his bed warm. It was that Sherlock kid.

I don't know where did he appear from, I don't know what events had happened that had connected them, but I know one thing.

I wish them luck, luck in this crazy, big ol' world. And I wish they close their windows.

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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:06 pm

All These Sad Songs


"Zach, I've been out for half an hour, you didn't burn something, did you?"


"What's wrong?… Are you crying?"

"… Promise me you'll never leave."

"What did you do, Zach—"

"Just promise."

"I promise, why would I leave you? That's ridiculous."

"I— I've just thought about it, we're going to end up old, in a home, a hospital, and I'd have to read you a story, our story, because you'll forget and I don't want you to forget and I don't want you to leave, don't leave."

"Zach, you're thirty."

"So what, so were they. Once."

"You watched The Notebook."

"I did not."

"Liar, yes you did, I had it recorded on the same dvd as the last season of Toddlers and Tiaras, and I watched that yesterday."

"Fuck, I watched The Notebook."

"Zach the Mighty watched a cheesy movie based on the sappiest purple prose. Did it rot your brain?"


"Did it touch you, emotionally?"

"I'd proven to you a million times, I've no emotions."

"Uh huh. Liar."



"Zaaaach. What now, I'll be home in a minute-"

"Ellie, this song."

"What song?"

"All the songs. All these sad songs. Listen, listen, this one's called Oblivion."

"Oh, I've heard of that one. Was it on the radio?"

"Then Stay then Stay With Me then Skinny Love-"

"Yeah, they're all on the radio, I'm listening to it in the car. I should teach you how to drive, when you're shotgun you always put the radio onto some classical shit and chemistry lessons."

"But the songs. It's so sad they're so sad I'm so sad please come back soon please don't leave me don't forget me I promise I promise I'll never leave you I promise I'll never forget you."

"You're such a role model to your children."

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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:18 pm

Last Friday Night
to listen to
this too
and lastly

Dull thumping, pounding in my head. A low groan. I don't even dare to open my eyes.

Instead, I widen my range of senses.

I hear the lazy shuffling of the cars and the buses on the streets. In a very Sherlockian way (I swear he's rubbing off on me) I deduce that I am in my flat, in 221B, but the placement of the noise is wrong, it's off, like it switched it's source of spring. The thumping gets worse.

It's the worst hangover I've had since... well, ever.

Someone's hand is around my waist, feet in a messy know. A chin in my hair. Skin cold against my warm. My muscles tense from the chill.

I realize all that, and I realize I haven't any pants on.

I flush furiously and turn away. The hand around me tightens, a scent, unfamiliar in its familiarness, gets closer. I smell after-shave, mintiness, and sweat, which shouldn't smell like this. It's... masculine, it's attractive.

I flush more. Masculine and attractive in the same sentence... I'm really hung-over.

I open my eyes...

And last night just rushes into my mind.

"Now I might be bad but I'm perfectly good at it", Sherlock singing karaoke and swinging his head from side to side, and I should have filmed it on my phone, but I was otherwise occupied by some handsome young lad who danced with me to the beat of Rihanna, her third song that night. First this one, then some other, then Sherlock again, to the joy and endless cheers of the female as much as the male population. He twirled me around and pressed me against him — oh God what was his name what's his name I need his name to file charges against him what's his name what's my name o na na what's my name — whispering purring sounds in my ear, his hand heading south.

His voice was too high for my liking, I didn't like it, I pushed him away.

The song ended with a loud roar of applause when I chugged down the remains of my beer — first second third fifth ninth maybe tenth maybe thirtieth maybe I didn't even drink beer — and some other people invited me to join them. I ignored them when someone pulled me away. They ignored me when someone else grabbed the karaoke microphone and started wailing into it, nothing compared to the baritone, to the raspy, throaty, hot voice that had occupied it not a minute ago.

That someone who dragged me away had long fingers, long hands, long arms — what else what else was long hold me hold me with your long hands take me away from those epileptic lights take my shirt off unbutton my jeans do me in the streets do me rough against the brick wall — and I couldn't recognize who the person may be until he whispered a low, low voice against my neck — his purring chest against my back his hips against my back did he have a goddamned gun in there what what the hell was this bulge — and in the back of my mind, I realized it was Sherlock, growling, rumbling into my ear.

"You can be the boss, daddy, you can be the boss", his voice was a cascade, tumbling down my spine, it cut me off waist down — God forbid me I'm going to get him off right here in front of everyone oh God I've got the hots for my hot as fuck flatmate I've got the hots for Sherlock for Christ's sake oh God oh God — and white. The next thing I remember-

We were in a taxi, and I remember his shaky hand on my knee going up and I remember that, if we weren't in that bloody cab we'd do it — Jesus bleeding Christ kiss me kiss me bite me scratch me make me bleed fuck me — and we got out of the car, he fished out keys to the flat from the back pocket of my jeans, his hands lingering in it for longer than necessary and white again.

We ended up kissing on his bed, his knees between my knees, his tongue dancing with mine — he tastes of beer and blood and something else a deodorant maybe I can kiss the taste out I can certainly try I'm trying I'm trying — and I snapped his belt out of the belt rings and[ and he moaned and he ripped my shirt off and — breathe breathe Watson breathe I want to keep kissing him but I'm going to come I'm not going to last I'm gone — and sparkles. Tingles. White.

I look at Sherlock, his nose still in my hair. He groans and straightens up, removing himself from me and grabbing his phone from the nightstand.

"Please tell me we didn't do what I think we did." I don't see him, I'm still turned away, but I know what face he pulls off.

"I don't have to tell you, I think we have it filmed", he showed me his phone. And I just...

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Breathing In Snowflakes

Goddamn her.

"Oh, fuck you, I want to get in now, can I go home?" It was not exactly cold, if you presume cold is from 10 to -10 Celsius. No, it wasn't cold. It was Siberia. Damnit.

"Zaaach", she drawled on. "Family fun times, remember?" She made snowballs for the ducklings, one of which was sitting in the snow and drawing in it — Lily is a creative little soul, bless her — and one which ran around restlessly, while the two dogs, one older, one all giddy, struggled to follow. The cat said 'fuck you' to the snow. I like the cat. He makes all the good decisions, even now, when he's old as Methuselah.

"But it's wet and disgusting and you'll all get a cold and I'll have to miss work to take care of you all." Ellie gave me the look.

"You, sir, are a git."

"No way, seriously?" I waved my hand in her direction. The ring gleamed brighter than the snow around us. On what light, I wondered. I haven't seen sun since the Big Bang."Twelve years, Mrs Hewitt. Should've known better than to marry a git."

"But the git said such nice words…" Sarcasm was dripping out of her voice. Or was it just melted snow. It was probably the melted snow. Damn, I'd have to aid my sick family. The idea would've sound… Attractive… If it weren't for the kids. Oh shit, kids.

They knew that their parents bickered. But they also knew that their parents never fought. Yes, I — cringe — love Ellie, but we never had serious fights. I know her. And she, not mind how, knows me.

"Daaad?" Why must I always be called with vowel-dragging?

"Jaaake?" I replied in the same manner and turned around to face him.


"Oh my god, Jay", I heard Ellie laughing, but only heard. Jake had hit me straight in my face. Wet water dripped down my neck. Wet COLD water.

"Ellie." My voice was trembling. Was it laughter or anger, I didn't know. Possibly both, but probably the former."Ellie control your offspring."

"Fuck no."


My own family turned against me. Lily, too. My dear Lily. I thought she was on my side. And you too, Brutus? Even Pip. I never had a feeling that dog liked me, and even less so, when he shook his snow-covered fur at me.

"Okay stop stop stop!" I found myself on my back and nearly covered by snow. Needless to say, they didn't stop until they made me into a snowman. It was hard to breathe with all the frozen H2O. I was breathing in snowflakes.

"I know, I know." She crawled into the blanket with me. I was shaking violently with my whole body. Cold. "You told me that we shoudn't have gone outside. I know."

"Then w-w-w-hy-"

"Shh. Because I like to contradict you, Mr Smartarse. And this time you turned out to be right, but I couldn't care less. You went blue for a second", she kissed a snowflake out of my hair, melted it with her warm breath."You are a special little snowflake, aren't you, Zach?"

michigan lake blue, breast cancer awareness pink, nina's purple

did u mean "my writing at 2 am"
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Balls Deep
i find this way funnier that it actually is
I was in a strange situation. I mean I like balls but this is over the top. I have never seen so many round, [actually a couple were misshapen but that's just the way it is,] shiny, and there were some coloured- the clunks of three balls hitting me in the side of my head caused me to whip around and lose my thought. Three pairs of brown eyes were looking directly towards me, all the owners trying to look as poker face as possible. They were all doing very well. Apart from one. One, who with a raise of my eyebrow, snorted and fell into a fit of giggles.
"Isaac!" I scrambled towards him, pushing my way slowly through a huge collection of colourful balls. When I say that I say that in the least dirty way possible. There are children in these balls. This is just getting worse. We were in a cage, with ghastly green cotton chicken wire stopping all possible exits, apart from into the padded play area which I was too tall to go into stood up. However, my height gave me an advantage, scrambling through the balls to get to Isaac, who was trying for a slow get away. I dived towards him, wrapping my arms around his torso. "Gotcha!" I exclaimed, kissing the side of his head. He tried pulling away from me, giggling still.
"No you don't" After a couple of seconds, Isaac wriggled out of my grip, and quickly threw a couple balls at me, then ran off towards the padded area.
"Oi, Knight-Leeson, come back here" I chased after him, I climbed onto the padded area, having to go on my hands and knees so I could continue to chase him with out losing my head. He turned to look back at me, throwing a wink. He was able to stand up, just slouched a little, but that didn't make his smile on his face droop. A smile that, even if one just glanced at it, would cut through all the bad in their life, making anyone's heart melt. It was something of just pure bliss, when Isaac smiled, but he had just threw balls at me. No matter how charming he looked, throwing balls at people just isn't nice. Actually, that depends a lot on the situation, sometimes balls being thrown at you is very nice, Very nice indeed. That being said, don't throw balls at anyone who don't want them, kids. I scrambled as fast as I could after him, as he turned running away from me. Technically, we weren't meant to be here. Ethan was just young enough to be allowed in, being 15, and that makes Isaac and I 11 years too old. But the café owners never saw us sneak in, what they don't know won't kill them.
Isaac was now out of my view, I lifted my head to look around the obnoxiously loudly coloured play area, looking for any sight of Isaac when I felt a weight on my back.
"Isaac!" He had climbed up one of the padded slopes that had ropes on that led to the level above, then dropped behind me as I crawled past.
"Drew! Giddy up horse-y" He gripped the back of the collar of my shirt, then used his foot to tap my side. He didn't weigh too much, so he wasn't a burden. More amusing than anything.
"Hey! It's your turn to be the horse, I distinctly remember being the horse last time. Topping twice in a row is just unfair" I complained, but Isaac just laughed, so I quickly shifted, causing him to fall to the ground. I gently pinned him by the arms and kissed him, restricting his movements. "Punishment for throwing balls at me"
"Oh, well, I shall throw balls at you more often." We caught each other's eye at that, falling into a huge fit of laughter, I sat up and let Isaac get up, once he had composed himself. I pulled him in for another kiss, hearing a complaining sigh from behind us.
"Tate said any kissing and we would have to leave" Mary said, shaking her head at us.
"Tatiana doesn't understand fun" I complained, moving away from Isaac, before spotting an angry face glaring at us. The café manager. She was old, grumpy and didn't seem the type to appreciate two guys in their late 20's kissing in her ball pit.
"Get out" She said, her hands on her hips, anger bristling through her. We quickly scrambled out, and the woman was waiting for us, by the time we had gotten out the pit, a large wooden brush in her hand.
"Isaac, run" I said, grabbing his and Mary's hand, Ethan trailing behind us as we ran out,. The woman following waving her broom in the air calling us dirty youths. She was just a spoil sport, we weren't doing anything wrong. Well, if you don't count going in a ball pit for under 16's then kissing in there. We jumped into the car, Isaac in the passenger seat as he turned to me and said, grinning;
"Denny's would have given us an extra hour"
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I had no idea how to end this sp yeah

"Watch out Hobbit, you might trip someone." I felt the cold metal of a locker collide with my cheek. Or more I collided with the locker, depends on your view, as a tall dark stranger smashed into me. My books fell from my hands on to the floor, my glasses were slightly better off as they only hit the locker and slid down my nose slightly. Okay, who am I kidding, they were no more lucky than my books. I was unsure what was sadder; the fact no one came to help me or that I was fretting about the luckiness of inanimate objects. I hastily shoved my books into my half broken bag, not wanting late for class. The bag was originally my sister"s, thankfully Harriet wasn't one for pretty princesses prancing in pink with ponies. Unfortunately, she treated this bag like Henry VIII treated his wives; divorced (thrown across the room every night), beheaded (the straps were falling off or more had been rippes off) and died (there are some suspiciously knife like holes littered over it). Nonetheless, like Katherine Parr, this bag had outlived Harry's school life. It now belonged to me. Joy.
My seat was directly at the front of the class, direvtly in the firing line of Mr Dzundza. He spits when he talks, badly so. He looked about 7ft, was bald and his ears oddly placed. He has a very distinctive appearance, I must say. I wasn't 'cool' enough to not sit at the front, so I had so grim and bear the salvia that came my way also bear the painful neck pains you get from looking up.
I read the question ob the board, before jotting some notes in my book. 'x = 1/y'. The soft tap on my head made me glance up. A small piece of paper had hit my head, but I ignored it, probably the guys at the back messing around. 'When x=7, y=16' Again, another piece of paper, I turned to look at who it was, and my gaze landed on the boy straigt behind me. He was looking directly at me,
"Cut it out" I grumbled, before looking back at my paper. It was the same guy who had shoved me into the lockers earlier. He just had an oddly charming smirk on his face. '7= k/16 7/16=k k=' Ow.
"Cut it out!" I snapped at the boy. He looked young, younger than most in this class anyeay. About 15, so why was he in this class? The rest of us are 18, going 19. His hair was pitch black and gelled within the inch of its life, each strand of hair having half a tub of gel on it. The hair was a huge cobtrast to his pale, alnost sickly skin. And his blue green eyes, eyes that were quite entrancing. I had to admit he was The smirk on his face grew as I studied his face, so I sighed and returned to my work, an odd flutter in my stomach. 'k=0.4376' A large ball of paper hit my head this time, what did he want? I was about to throw it back at him before realising it was a note. His handwriting that was only just readable had written a few words.
"Hey hot hobbit, k= 0.4375, check your answer next time -SH" But the kid hadn't picked up a pencil the whole time we have been in this class, how did he gues that?
Another piece of paper hit my head, much to my annoyance. How had Dzundza not seen this? With a head that was higher than the Eiffel Tower surely he wouldbe able to see everything?
"I didn't guess, I saw -SH" Oh so he looked at someone else's book. Classic.
"Cheating isn't allowed, y'know" I threw the paper back towards him and he caught it without a second glance. He threw a quick wink at me, the flutter in my stomach growing. I grumbled to myself about stupid hormones, making any guy who walks by cute. I now dreq mindlessly in my book, not caring much about the questions anymore, too complicated anyway.
Thus time the paoer landed on the desk in front of me, and I scrambled to open it.
"I do not cheat, John -SH" More and more questions about this SH were building up inside me.
"Then do you know the answer to D2?" The note once again was once again passed to SH, and his reply came back faster than mine, something I found surprising. Who was this guy? How did he know my name? Hardly anyone knows my name, even the teachers just call me 'Harry's brother'.
"Who is cheating now, John?- SH"
"I was just looking for confirmation! I got Z=10" But bedore I cpuld pass the note over, a tall shadow passed over my page.
"Detention, Watson, love ltter writing in my class is not allowed. Try seeing Miss Hooper, she will gladly let you write love poems in her class." He took the paper out of my hand, a self satisfied grin on his face. Dzundza has aa strong accent, Czech I think. Not sure but even if he had a ridiculous posh accent he wouldn't be an less menacing. A small blush had formed on my neck as soon as he had began talking to me, I am not used to the attention, since every eye seemed to be drawn to me. As I said, no one talks to me and I am mot used to it when people do.
"Flirting with Holmes? He's a bit young for you, isn't he?" The blush grew more on my face, making me a very red cherry. Dzundza threw the paper back at me and turned to SH. "Detention, Holmes. Oh and Watson, Z= 0.5" Hs walked off, leaving me to drop my burning face onto the desk, trying to hide the flush as much as possible. All I could her was a deep rumbling chuckle coming from behind me.
I hate detentions, especially ones with teachers like Dzundza. I was heading to his room now, to get the detention over with but an arm appeared from no where and wrapped itself around my waist.
"Hey sexy hobbit, where are you going?" SH asked me, an odd glimmer in his eye.
"To the detention you got me into" I shoved his arm off me and he rolled his eyes dramatically,
"Not anymore, you're coming with me" He placed his arm around my shoulder and half led half dragged me away from Dzundza's classroom and outside. He headed to a bike shed just behind the school, and climbed up onto one of the expensive bikes in there. He used this new geight to hoist himself onto the roof of the bike hut.
"Coming, Hobbit?" He asked, his head poking into view. I sighed, and like some stupid cord had attached me to him, I climbed onto the same bike and onto tge roof. This guy was basically a membr of T Birds, no doubting that. By the time I had scrambled up, a lot less elegant than Grease Lightning here, he had lit a cigarette. He took a long drag of it before blowing the smoke in my face. I wrinkledmy nose in disgust and laughed,
"Your father used to smoke, and drink, after he worked in the army. He was based in Afganhastan wasn't he?"
"Who are you?"
"You don't care"
"I do"
"Yeah, no, you don't" With that, he stumped his cigarette, grabbed my collar then pulled me into a kiss. A kiss that basically was like licking an ashtray. The intial shock made me freeze, not being able to respond. But a angry grunt snapped me into action and I replied to this kiss. Which began nice, until he decided to shove his tongue down my throat. After this, I pushed him away, and the smirk on his face grew to a smug grin. He shoved another cigarette into his mouth before jumping off the bike shed.
"The name's Sherlock Holmes, and if you need to rid any sudden manly urges, I will gladly assist."
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The Boy Staring at Him


There was a boy, staring at John Watson, for a few weeks now.

Which wasn't the news, since people stared at John Watson constantly.

They stared at the bruises on his jaw. They stared at cuts on his lips. They stared at his limp. And most of all, they stared at him when he slept the night out, when there was shouting coming from his family house.

John, throughout the years, got used to it.


The boy staring at him had gang tattoos on both of his shoulders.

A sunny day came with a glum mood.

"They're at it again", John informed his friend, Molly. She was a bright personality and had been John's support for a couple of years, for as long as he'd been in high school.

"John, please", she pleaded,"you have to say something. You can't keep on living like that." John heard those exact same words a dozen time at least, and he knew that 'saying something' won't do him any good. He tried.

And he knew what would happen. Either absolutely nothing, or… John shuddered. No. One more year until he moves out. A year. Then everything will be okay, he told himself. Then he will get himself a shoebox apartment, save for college by working in a cafe for a year, and he'll find himself a nice girl from a nice family. Yes. Then everything will be okay.

"No, Molly. It's okay, I swear." He kept his voice as reassuring as he could."It's going to be okay."

"John", she just sighed. Shaking her head.


The boy staring at him had dark, messy curly hair.

"I don't know the second one", Molly admitted as they spread across the grass in the city park not too far from John's family house.

It was a place they went when they wanted to do their homework, when Molly practiced her flute, when they just wanted to get away. The people in their class suspected they're a couple, but it was always like that when there was a friendship between a girl and a boy.

"The second one is just a formula, see, here", John showed her an underlined box a couple of pages ago.

"Uh, I was never good at Maths."

"Neither." John had to lie to Molly. He knew how it depressed her to be on the bottom of the smart chart. And he didn't want to stand out.


The boy staring at him had pitch black Chuck Taylors with shoelaces fluffy with wearyness.

"Harry, Harry, no", John had his hands around Harry's shoulders pulling her away from John's family house. Fresh blood streamed from a cut on his cheek and her temple.

"I'm going to kill him. I swear to God, I'm going to kill him." Her voice scared John. So much anger in a person so young.

Harry was twenty one, but she looked more. She looked like she'd lived a thousand years, and had seen a thousand lives fade away in front of her eyes. She moved away from John's family house a couple of years ago, but still visited, because she just couldn't leave John alone. She, no matter how coldly, loved John, and she couldn't bear him hurt.

"You're not going to kill him, you have as much muscle in your body as he does in his arm." She smiled weakly at him. He'll always be her baby brother, no matter how much he'd seen or how old his soul got.

"Doesn't keep me away from dreaming. Nothing should ever keep you away from that."


The boy staring at him had a purple shirt, too tight on his chest, too big on his shoulders.

"I have to get my granny to knit you a jumper", Molly looked at the suspiciously rusty stain on the back of John's jumper. The 'rust' got into the wool and stayed through wash.

"You really don't have to", John smiled at her. He secretly enjoyed it, having Molly's grandmother knit him another one of her warm, cuddly jumpers with ugly, ugly patterns. They were also ridiculously big for him, which served in re John's attempts to hide the bruising on his stomach, ribs and spine.

"No, she likes to do it. She really likes you, you know. She asks when you'll visit her again. She needs your most recent measurements."

John had a sad titter of a smile, flickering on and off his face. If he went to Molly's grandmother, she'd have him on a piedestal and attack him with measuring tape, and of course he'd have to undress. And he couldn't let that happen. His troubles should be a silent call, not a shouted plea.


The boy staring at him had a black coat, with big shiny buttons and ragged fabric on its shoulders and back.

"Where do you plan to go to college?" Molly asked him, balancing a stack of pamphlets of occupations the school had provided them. She took all, and John took two. He only had two choices. His two options.

It was either military or medicine. The two dreaded ms. He didn't know what he would do if he didn't get into any of those.

"I don't know, really, I haven't chosen yet", he answered, uncomfortable with lying. But it was necessary, in his position. He had to keep quiet, otherwise his present and past would destroy his relative future.

"Maybe I'd like to work with animals. Cats, preferably. I like cats. Even if they don't speak, they tell you so much."


The boy staring at him had a leather bag, brand new, weighted down with numerous books.

"John, guess what happened yesterday."

"What?" John didn't have much will that day, and it wasn't hard to guess why. His lips were suspiciously red at corners.


"Queen Victoria and Margaret Thatcher emerged from their graves and formed a femme fatale league."

"What, no. Don't guess." Molly seemed unshook. "I made up with Brian! Isn't that good?" The relativity of the question confused John. Good for him, good for her, good for the world?

"Err, I guess? I mean, congratulations!" A weak smile flashed on John's face, but she didn't notice.

"I guess that's just the way of life. What comes around comes back around." John didn't have the heart to tell her that it was filled with cliches. Life wasn't a circle, it was a road, they travelled.


The boy staring at him had chameleon eyes, sometimes grey, sometimes blue, sometimes green, always looking at him.

John noticed than only when the boy got closer.

"I want to buy you coffee." His voice was melodiously deep, like he'd been a singer in his past life.

"Sorry?" John asked taking his time. He wasn't exactly hurrying to his family house.

"I want to buy you coffee." His tone was more insistent the second time. He smelt of mint cigarettes, brick walls, shady street corners and rebellion.

"No, sorry. I have to go home." John felt the distance between them was nearly nonexistent.

"You don't want to go home." The boy pulled his shoulder to a stop in front of a small, cozy coffee shop. "And I won't let you go home."

"Oh, really. And who might you be, forbidding me to go home?" John raised his eyebrows as he turned to face the taller, but younger boy.

"My name's Sherlock Holmes, I'm... A psychology major." John knew for sure he was lying. He couldn't've been older than sixteen, and a halt in his words was in an odd place. "I've been studying your behaviour for two months now."

"Because that doesn't scream 'stalker' at all."

"Listen to me." The boy's — Sherlock's — voice dropped to a husky, threatening growl. "This is what's going to happen. I'm going to buy you coffee, you'll have yours with milk and I'll have mine without sugar, and you're going to tell me everything, how long has it been going, why didn't you alert someone, have you ever been to a hospital, and after that I'm going to offer you a place in my flat—"

"Excuse me", John felt weak, his voice was jumpy and nervous,"but why are you telling me that when I'll just decline?"

"Because I can't stand someone like you being enclosured like that and both of us know you deserve better. Also", he looked down at John half-squinting,"I lied."

"Oh did you now."

"Shut up." The fondness in his now careful voice stunned John."I lied. I'm not a psychology major."


"Shut up!" His voice was on the edge of laughter. But, no, not really. Mocking, teasing, laughing at him, not with him. "I'm just… Well. Curious. In people's lives."

"That's what I'd say if I was a stalker."

"I'm not a stalker!" A sudden uproar of his voice scared John and people walking around them. "I'm just worred for you and I don't want to see you spend the night out again, catching pneumonia and dying and I'd much appreciate if we had this conversation inside rather than here." Sherlock's bold and piercing eyes had a note of sadness. John let hinself be dragged away to the coffee shop.

"Why do you care so much?"

"Because I let myself not care for years and I've finally found a person I want to care for."

"Why me?" Sherlock came to a stop, seemingly not understanding the meaning of those two, small words."I don't know you, you don't know me, what's the deal here? I won't be your pity doll on which you can play the Good Guy, I'm sorry but no."

"I'm not playing the Good Guy. Isn't this was people are expected to do? Talk to strangers, make friends, don't social relationships go like that?" John nearly cracked a smile on that one. Genuine, nearly innocent confusion on Sherlock's face was ridiculous.

"So what you're saying is", John offered, stripping to the basics of the confusing conversation, "you want to be my friend?" If Sherlock was unable to understand any other way, John would explain it.

"Well, if you put it like that", Sherlock cringed.

"That was the most awkward friend proposal I've ever got."

"You get many, then?"

"You're actually the first." John couldn't help but notice the smug look on Sherlock's face.

"Then it's averagly awkward."


"Please, John." He sat on a sofa in his brother's house, cleansing the wound on John's ribs."Please. Just move out. My brother can secure us a flat, and you'll never have to see them again. They won't hurt you."

"They're my family. I could run away, but they'll always be a part of me." Sherlock ran his hand across the faded purple and muted yellow bruises on John's bare chest.

"You can always try."

The boy staring at him carried hidden agony in his eyes.


"That's enough!"

"Sherlock, please-"

"No, that's enough! I had a line, John, and they crossed it!" The nurse hid Sherlock's view on John as she fixed his dislocated shoulder.

"We're in a hospital. Don't raise heads."

"I'll raise all the goddamned heads I want! John. That's enough. From this hospital you'll go directly!" Sherlock screamed the last word. "To our flat! I'll force you if I have to!" John went silent.

The boy staring at him had whitened, clenched fists curled into tight balls.


"I still dream of them, you know." John spoke against the pillow, turned away from Sherlock. They could only afford one bed, a mattress, but they didn't need the other one, otherwise Sherlock would have got some money out of his brother.

"It's natural for a victim to dream about their torturers. It's like a natural disaster. You can't stand to look. You can't look away."

"Oh, cut it with the cliches!" John responded fiercly. "I dream about them because I've nothing else to dream about. The past is all I got now."

"Dream about the future. Dream about how you'll become a doctor. Dream about how we'll be able to buy a bed frame soon. Dream about me." John turned to Sherlock and nuzzled into his chest instead of a reply.

The boy staring at him had love written on his face, love which was so glaringly obvious, love which was so desperately hidden.


"Where does this go? Sherlock, it's wobbly, did you do it how the instructions say?"

"The instructions are incorrect."

"How in the world…" John walked to Sherlock with a piece of wood that was supposed to be a TV stand assembled by Sherlock.

"They obviously gave us wrong parts."

"The parts are alright, you are wrong." Sherlock gaped up at him with a satyrical, drama look on his face and threw his book away.

"Are you even implying that I'm not right?"

"I'd say so, mister Holmes."

"Watson, you're a dead man."

"I'd disagree. See, I'm still breathing." Sherlock grabbed the stick of wood and chased John with it through and around the flat until they both landed face flat on the bed, out of breath from running and laughing. John had never laughed so much in his life.

The boy staring at him had a flushed face and a tilted smile.


"You didn't."


"You didn't!" Sherlock threw his book onto the brand new kitchen table.

"Sherlock", John spoke through gritted teeth, equally mad,"You can't just distance me away from them for forever, keep me in your glass case away from the world! Why don't you get it, I'll always be connected to them and there's no way to cut the strings which tie us together!"

"Why not?" The tone of Sherlock's voice froze the room. Defeated tone. He picked himself up again. "What's so wrong with wanting to keep your loved ones safe, keep them whole, keep them bloody alive?! John, they would've killed you. Not far from now. They would've killed you."

"Err", John was still frozen, not because of his tone. Something else caught his attention. Even after they had this conversation a hundred times, he hadn't heard it from Sherlock's reserved, snappy mouth."Your-- your loved-"

"I know what I said." Sherlock had a furious flush on his cheek.


"I know! What I said! Don't-" Sherlock choked. "I'm perfectly capable of keeping my emotions locked away from the reality. Don't. Don't mention it." John watched him carefully.

The boy staring at him had a fractured mask on his face, showing both halves of his face; one with emotions, and the one trying to hide them.


"Sherlock, just talk to me, please. Silence doesn't get you anywhere." Sherlock sat in his corner, John did his homework in his corner.

"You were silent for years, it got you somewhere. To a broken arm and shattered childhood." John looked at Sherlock, Sherlock looked at him. John's heartbeat thumped in his throat.

The boy staring at him was blank, his mask back on, whole.


"Sherlock." After a week of not talking to each other John broke. If Sherlock won't talk to him, he would talk to Sherlock.

"John", Sherlock replied flatly.

"I-- What do you want me to say?" John approached him and sat across, shutting closed Sherlock's book.

"I don't want you to say anything."



"Okay then." John took Sherlock's hand in his own."I won't."

Sherlock's lips were warm against John's.

John pulled away.

The boy staring at him had eyes which said everything John wanted to hear.


The whole ceremony was comical.

"Why do I have to walk down the aisle? I'm not the blushing bride." John complained as Molly's grandmother fixed his tuxedo.

"You're the blushing groom." Molly was sitting down in her white, maid-of-honour's dress. She was sure to gain a lot of flirting her way. Of course, if John and Sherlock were anything but themselves, they would mind. But they didn't.

"I won't survive today."

"Having second thoughts, are we?" Molly had a smug expression John thought was familiar.

"Are you kidding me, just knowing Sherlock is a second thought."


"Let's just make something clear. We disapprove of you."

"Oh, good. I disapprove of you, too." Mr. and Mrs. Watson and Sherlock stared at each other, darts of hatred flying both ways. "Nevertheless, I'm glad you arrived."

"How is John?" Mrs. Watson managed to look timid and shy. Sherlock burst.

"Traumatized! Do you know how many times did he wake up in tears? Are you aware of the fact that your son flinches every time someone raises his hand or his voice?" Sherlock calmed down. He wasn't allowed to sweat in his tuxedo.

Mr. and Mrs. Watson didn't have a response.


"Molly locked me in a closet." John's voice was broken by the phone line.

"Not fair, I thought it was my time to have you in a closet." John laughed at Sherlock's comment.

"She says I'm not allowed to see you before the wedding."

"You know I'm waiting for you in front of the entire audience of people? All we need is the second groom."


"Yes. We're not even married, and you're already avoiding me."



When they finally got John out of the closet — metaphorically — it was already an hour past the time they were supposed to start, and it looked like this:

half the children were asleep, half were pouncing about like manic rabbits,

a third of the adults were on their phones, a third were chatting with their neighbours, a third were running around the room trying to catch wifi, John's parents uncomfortably sat in a corner,

John, panting, with hair sticked to his skull, trying to slow down his walk to Sherlock, but failing hopelessly,

and Sherlock.

John had no words to try to describe Sherlock's face.

The boy staring at him had a coal black tux, shoes shined to perfection, a tie nearly choking him, a lean figure in black and white.

The boy staring at him was his future.

The boy staring at him loved him.

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did u mean "my writing at 2 am"
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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Sun Oct 12, 2014 1:25 pm

Bam Partay
"Ooo, eee, ooo ah ah ting tang! Walla walla, bing bang!"
Bright red hair reaching below the neck, short purple figure hugging dress, heels much too big for standing on a table and dancing around. Two strikingly blue eyes watched her from the corner of the room, a half full glass cranberry juice gripped slightly too tightly in his hands. The pumping of the music pounding in his ears, but unlike those clichés say, it wasn't in time with his heart. More annoying, and loud than his heartbeat. Benedict didn't understand this song, who even was the Witch Doctor? He certainly didn't know.
Three more girls jumped onto the table beside the red haired girl, and her grin grew, with every movement she did, Ben seemed to become more entranced, she certainly was the most beautiful person he's ever laid eyes on. Her hair had a glow, there was no colour like it, and Ben had to admit it was his favourite colour. Her hair was like a magnet, an invisible field, which no matter how much Ben avoided it, that tried to force him towards her. Forcing him to want to run his hands threw it, petting her as if she was a dog. Ben was the iron, that's what he believed, dull and grey- there's a bit of him in everyone, he's not unique. The three girls that had joined her up on the table were no where near being as beautiful as her. They had blond, black and brown hair- so common and so simple. The song changed, and two microphones were placed on the table, the girl sharing with black haired girl. Music started playing, and the brown haired girl started singing first, but Benedict wasn't listening to her. Ben was just waiting for the girl to sing, and when she did, he wasn't disappointed.

"Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir, ce soir? Voulez vous coucher avec moi?"
Angelic was a way to describe it, like all the angels from heaven had combined their voices (though according to spn this would be painful bad), and placed them in her voice box. Her voice sent shivers down your body, like electricity shooting through your veins, warming your whole self up.  But the song, it didn't suit her. Her voice seemed to sweet, too beautiful to be wasted on songs going on about sleeping with someone. Her voice was innocent, pure. This song about the Moulin Rouge just wasn't correct. A song like Not Alone would suit her perfectly. Her turn didn't last long and once she had stopped singing, and the black haired girl took over, an instant coldness punched Ben in the face. But he didn't take his eyes off of her, didn't wince, and it didn't take long for the girl to spot she had an admirer. As soon as she saw his eyes, her breath hitched, making her miss her second part in the song, That didn't matter. People would brush it off as an effect of the alcohol, plus it didn't take long for her smile to be plastered on her face again and continue singing. Notwithstanding, for the rest of the song, she continued staring at the eyes of the boy.
"Take a photo, it will last longer" Nemo's voice made Benedict jump, pulling him from his trance.  Nemo laughed slightly at the annoyed look on Ben's face.
"You're drunk"
"Tipsy, I had two- no, three beers" Benedict sighed, returning his gaze to the little makeshift stage, but the girl had vanished, mixing into the huge crowd that was dancing to the next song that came on. Ben tried to ignore the wave of disappointment "Amelia-May Lee"
"That's her name, but most call her Am, never Amy, she would hit you"
"Whose name?" Nemo sighed, shaking his head, then walked off, muttering something like 'you know who'. Benedict snorted at him, and returned his attention to his cranberry juice, swirling it around in his glass. He had only come here because Nemo made him, and Nemo said he would stick by his side. He had tried, but there were so many people that Ben gave up on finding Nemo so he just sat in the corner just watching everything.
A voice sounded from beside him, and it made Ben's head snap up. Closer up you could see the brown of her eyes, hazel was speckled through the brown, But, her eyes weren't what caught his attention first, it was her hair and how much more beautiful it looked close up.
"Being in the corner here, isn't good for a social life y'know" It took Benedict a few seconds to reply, she smelt quite strongly of alcohol and he began to wonder how much she actually drank even though her voice was perfectly stable.
"Dancing on a table with high heels and being drunk isn't good for a life." I replied, receiving a laugh from Amelia. Her laugh made me crack a grin, her laugh was contagious, that was for sure.
"I'm not drunk,, and I was perfectly safe" Amelia replied, getting herself into a more comfortable position, her back resting against the wall. Benedict shook his head at her, and she just continued smiling at him. "Let's go dance, a slow song should be on soon"
"I don't feel like dancin'"
"I doubt it'll be that song, plus Tanya, dislikes that song."
"No, I don't want to dance"
"C'mon, you do" Amelia stood up, grabbing Ben's hand, dragging him towards the dance-floor just as a slow song started.

"And I'd give up forever to touch you"
Benedict's eyes widened at he first line,
"I love this song" Ben muttered, almost to quiet for Amelia to hear, but she still did. Her smile brightened, if that was possible, and pulled him into a basic dancing position.
"So do I" Amelia replied as they swayed side to side in an attempt at a slow dance. They danced through that whole song, just swaying side to side, being ignored almost completely by everyone around him. Staring at each-other as they danced, neither one of the noticed that the song had changed into a more upbeat song, one that slow dancing most definitely didn't suit. It took a few minutes before people started bumping into them, so Amelia walked Benedict back to his corner and cranberry juice. .
"Nice meeting you..."
"Nice meeting you Benny"
"Benedict" Amelia just laughed, and walked off to find her friends again. Benedict's eyes not leaving her once for the rest of the night.
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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Wed Nov 26, 2014 8:07 pm

The Short, The Blonde and The Jealous

"How was your flight?" Andrew asked, after a brief, but rather graphic, kiss. Isaac smiled, happy just to be back on the ground again. Happy to be with Andrew again.

"You'll never believe it." Never mind the fact they were standing leaned against a wall, blocking half of the way, holding each other after a week of not being able to, never mind the fact the looks they were getting screamed 'bloody murder', Andrew nodded.

"Try me." A not so innocent look from Isaac's side, but he started this story.

"So I'm entering the plane, and the luggage space in it was too tall for me to reach." Andrew snorted, which earned him a smack on upper arm. "And there's this guy, tall guy, taller than you, which I always believed to be impossible, and he helps me with my bag. Sure enough, I thank him."

"Can I already guess what's happening?"

"No. You'll ruin the story!"

"I'm sorry! Do continue." To encourage him, Andrew pressed a kiss on Isaac's nose. He smiled and continued.

"Thank you. And I bought myself a coke on the flight. Guess what."


"He was the one who got it to me. I then get where he was aiming that, so I take a little extra time to get the money from my wallet, so he could see that photo I got of us." Andrew frowned a bit.

"Which one?"

"You know, that one in Disneyland? That Ethan took, with the disney flowers and all."

"The shaky one?"


"The one over which you complained about for at least half an hour?"

"Yes, shut up." They shared a wicked grin. "So, the guy doesn't see, and he continues walking close to me. I ignore him, because as much as I love tall boys, I have a tall husband." Another quick peck. "The plane lands, I get out and I have to be searched, you know, in case I carry knifes and guns and gasses and you know. Guess who searches me."

"Is it him again?" Isaac nodded. "Seriously?"

"Yes!" Laughter. "The searches are usually short, but…" Andrew's arms wrapped tighter around Isaac. "I know, I know, love. Tried to get away the fast as I could. "

"Good." Andrew's voice had a possesive edge.

"Don't be jelaus, hun. And when I had to take all my jewelry off, which meant my watch and my ring, I made a show out of it, but I think he promptly ignored it."

"Of course. They always do."

"And you know what the best part is?"

"No, not really, except for the fact that you're here with me now." Isaac shook his head.

"He has been watching this whole conversation from afar." Andrew raised his head and quickly looked around. "Blonde, stubble", Isaac gave him a bit more information.

"I see him. Not quite happy."

"Ah, but see, my darling, he must have known not to touch someone who is somebody else's."

"And whose might you be?" They shared a smirk.

"Now you're just fishing for compliments."

"Yes, but I still want an answer."

"I am yours. And I always will be. But you gotta admit it, that guy's kinda cute."

"He would be, if he didn't try to steal my husband away from me. Otherwise I just dislike him."

"But that's just tells you you got yourself a pretty good husband", Isaac winked at him and Andrew kissed the top of his hair.

"Couldn't have wished for a better one."

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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Sun Dec 28, 2014 3:53 pm

Heaven is a Place on Earth When I am with You

A singular breath drawn, unsettling the mellow peace that filled this place like the opaque winter fog. The cold was nipping on any bare skin it could find, drawing the warmth away from any person who dared walk towards the ghostly lake. The moon reflecting softly against the gently rippling water, was the only movement seen for miles. All the wildlife hidden amongst the dark forest that surrounded the grey water.

A girl sat on the edge of this lake, she was too old to be a girl, but then too young woman. The sadness creased against her youthful face ageing her pretty features, the dark bags under her eyes displaying her tiredness as clear as the sun in the summer’s sky, the pale skin creased and sickly. But her hair. It was what remained of her previously lively form. It was the colour of a sunset over a beach, the different oranges, red and golds combining to make a colour that looked like it would burn to touch. It captured the rays of light from the moon in vibrant ruby hues; flowing in gentle, warm waves of lava tumbling down past her shoulders. It was the only warmth, it seemed, for miles around. He had always worshipped her hair, his cool blue eyes desperately drinking in the warmth greedily. He was her drug. His voice soothing during the cold winter nights like this one. It was a blanket that wrapped itself around the girl’s shoulders, protecting her from the harsh world outside. However, he was gone. Snatched from her by death’s greedy hand. She was feeling the withdrawals, the sharp pains stabbing her all over her body. She wanted him, needed him.
The girl let out another unstable breath, the warmth passing her lips, condensing in the air, flying up towards the heavens. She liked to believe it was joining him, but that just made her jealous, making her lonelier than before. Tears had filled her brown eyes, threatening to spill down her frozen cheeks. His thumb should be there to wipe the salty water away, to hug her and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. But as the tear dropped into the water just below her, causing ripples to spread away from the contact, and she was only met by silence. A dreaded silence that was deafening to her ears. She used to listen to music, listen to the songs they played in the car on their days off. Driving nowhere, singing at the top of their lungs. Even the happiest of the songs, including the ones with the funniest misheard lyrics, made the girl sad.

She closed her eyes, looking towards the sky.  “I miss you. Why did you have to go? I wish you were here, seeing the beauty of this lake, but everything’s colourless to me, now. No colour at all without you here. The world is grey and dark. The lack of your eyes removing the colour, the lack of your smile taking the light, the lack of you taking the warmth.” She opened her eyes, her eyes focusing on a single star and she stood up, “This is the way you left me, I’m not pretending. No hope, no love, no glory, no happy ending. It’s painful, y’know, worse than any bullet wounds, any punches, even more painful than running. It’s like my heart has been ripped out, half taken to heaven with you. I can’t feel it any more, its beatings have fallen silent. I don’t know how much longer I can take this. Just know, I love you so much. No matter what happens, just know this place is a mad world, and it won’t be long until I get to see your beauty again. You touched my heart, and my soul. You changed my dreams and my life. I was the mother to your unborn child. But I would change nothing about our experiences.” Her breathing was shallow, her voice threatening to crack “Did I let you down in any way? Did I fail you? How about disappoint you? I always knew my running wasn't the best, but I did try to do everything you told me. I wasn't right all the time, I made more mistakes than I should, and I know that. But you were never a mistake, you were the best part of my life, you still are.”

“So, my love. Know this, every night I will find that star” She pointed at the brightest star in the sky, “and I will remind you how much I love you. I will remind you to shine on, shine brighter than the sun. But I will need your light to lead me to where I need to go. Just like you used to. Just shine on, allow me to see your beauty every day until I see you again. And I love you, I swear that’s true, I'm so hollow with you not here. I cannot live without you.” The girl dropped to her knees, tears leaving trails down her cheeks. Her head fell into her hands as she began weeping, her shoulders shaking with every sob. The strength of the wind soon picked up and the girl looked up, clumsily rubbing her eyes. “I’ll continue to live every day, doing our job. I know that’s what you would want. I’ll wait for my last day patiently, I know it’s not far away. I know he wants me dead. It’s only a matter of time” The words were slightly jumble as she hiccuped often, “I love you, Ben”
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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Tue Dec 30, 2014 10:32 pm

Teenzellie- Texts.

[ Sun 10 Nov - 18:17] That’s the third family who’ve sent me back to the Home.

[Sun 10 Nov – 18] What?

[Sun 10 Nov - 18] I think the Cullens were looking for a boy.

[Sun 10 Nov – 18]  How do you know?

[Sun 10 Nov – 18] The room they put me in, it was filled with blue, footballs and other guy things.

[Sun 10 Nov – 18] What guy things?

[Sun 10 Nov – 18] You never ask this many questions, Aisha, you always manage to turn the conversation onto yourself.

[Sun 10 Nov – 18]But I’m not Aisha.

[Sun 10 Nov 18] But this is Aisha’s number.

[Sun 10 Nov 18] No, no it is not.

[Sun 10 Nov 18] Then who is this?

[Sun 10 Nov 18] A wrong number.

[Sun 10 Nov 18] Well, wrong number what is your name?

[Sun 10 Nov – 18] Why do you need to know this?

[Sun 10 Nov – 19] Might as well start a conversation.

[Sun 10 Nov – 19] That doesn’t mean you need to know my name.

[Sun 10 Nov – 19] I’m Ellie.
[Sun 10 Nov – 19] Do I need to know that because?

[Sun 10 Nov – 19] We’re talking, so we should know each other’s names.

[Sun 10 Nov – 19] No we shouldn’t.

[Sun 10 Nov – 19] Yes we should, so what is your name?
[Sun 10 Nov – 19] Hello?


[Sun 10 Nov – 20] Zachariah.

[Sun 10 Nov – 20] It took you 50 minutes to write your own name. Did you forget how to spell it?

[Sun 10 Nov – 20] Of course not.

[Sun 10 Nov – 20] Then why so long?

[Sun 10 Nov – 20] Why are you talking to me? Shouldn’t you be talking to Aisha?

[Sun 10 Nov – 20] Aisha isn’t talking to me.

[Sun 10 Nov – 20] I’m starting to notice why.

[Sun 10 Nov – 20] What is that supposed to mean?
[Sun 10 Nov – 20] Now your not talking to me, great
[Sun 10 Nov – 21] Goodnight Zachariah

[Sun 10 Nov – 23] You’re
[Tues 12 Nov – 19] The newest episode of Toddlers and Tiaras is on and the boys won’t let me watch it.

[Tues 12 Nov – 19] They are saving your brain.

[Tues 12 Nov – 19] They are ruining my life. They won’t give me the remote. And they’re watching football.

[Tues 12 Nov – 19] Maybe be productive and take it from them and not text me you might get it.

[Tues 12 Nov – 19] They would tear me to pieces. They’re all bigger and older.

[Tues 12 Nov – 19] Brothers?

[Tues 12 Nov – 19] Thankfully no, they want us to treat each other like siblings though. I call bullshit, we’ll never be siblings, and I can’t wait to get out of this place again.

[Tues 12 Nov – 19]  So you live with a group of older boys?

[Tues 12 Nov – 19] Yes, well not just them. Four younger girls, three younger boys, they are triplets, and two older girls and five older boys. There are fifteen of us in total.

[Tues 12 Nov – 19] How come?

[Tues 12 Nov – 20] I pulled the short straw when it comes to parents.
[Tues 12 Nov 20] Oh look, I missed the show.

[Tues 12 Nov – 20] Will you stop pestering me now?

[Tues 12 Nov – 20] No.

[Tues 12 Nov – 20] I have work to do.

[Tues 12 Nov – 20] You’re a boring person.

[Tues 12 Nov – 20] Yet you text me.

[Tues 12 Nov – 20] And you reply.
[Tues 12 Nov – 20] Don’t stop now.
[Tues 12 Nov – 20] You stopped.


[Wed 13 Nov – 02] Ellie.
[Wed 13 Nov – 02] Ellie.
[Wed 13 Nov – 02] Ellie.
[Wed 13 Nov – 02] Ellie.
[Wed 13 Nov – 02] Ellie. For fuck sake. Wake up.
[Wed 13 Nov – 02] How old are you?
[Wed 13 Nov – 02] Why are you living with fourteen other people?
[Wed 13 Nov – 02]  Why wouldn’t they give you the remote?
[Wed 13 Nov – 02] Would you wake up already? You’re such a shit.
[Wed 13 Nov – 02] In the best possible way.
[Wed 13 Nov – 02]Fine, I’ll sit by myself sipping this drink. It’s pretty tasteless, I can’t remember what number this is.
[Wed 13 Nov – 02] Good night, Ells.


[Wed 13 Nov – 07] Oh my God, Zachariah! Grace, the girl who shares my room, was ready to throw my phone out of the window.

[Wed 13 Nov – 07] My head hurts. Fuck off.

[Wed 13 Nov – 07] Did you get drunk?

[Wed 13 Nov – 07] What’s it to you?

[Wed 13 Nov – 07] The texts at 2 this morning.

[Wed 13 Nov – 08] Oh shit.
[Wed 13 Nov – 08] I don’t dare read them.

[Wed 13 Nov – 08] There anything isn’t too bad. Mostly just questions. I’m 16, the middle child in this not so great establishment, which means I am the most neglected.

[Wed 13 Nov – 08] I thought you were younger than 16.

[Wed 13 Nov – 08] Does that disappointed you? Does the pedo of Zachariahrahrah (That sounds like a Lady Gaga song) prefer younger girls? Sorry to disappoint you.

[Wed 13 Nov -08] It is just Zachariah. And no, I don’t like younger girls.

[Wed 13 Nov – 08] So you’re a pedo? For older girls? Or for boys?

[Wed 13 Nov – 08] Leave me alone.

[Wed 13 Nov – 08] So you ARE? Zach! I’ll phone the police.

[Wed 13 Nov – 08] Of course not you idiot. You don’t know what state I live in anyway.

[Wed 13 Nov – 08] New York.


[Thurs 14 Nov – 17] Was I right? Your silence is saying yes. HA! What a guess! I think you’re from the NYC too.
[Thurs 14 Nov – 17] It’s easy to guess. All New Yorkers are obnoxious.
[Thurs 14 Nov – 17] I would know. My mother is one.

[Thurs 14 Nov – 18] Who’s the pedo now?
[Thurs 14 Nov 18]  New York is a big state. I might not live in NYC.

[Thurs 14 Nov – 18] Of course you do. Everyone does.

[Thurs 14 Nov – 18] Not everyone. But you do.  

[Thurs 14 Nov – 18] How would you know?

[Thurs 14 Nov – 18] You’re in foster care. The biggest home that has both male and female is in NYC. It was the first state you mentioned, you were probably hoping I lived in the same state as you since you have no other friends.

[Thurs 14 Nov – 18] … I have friends.

[Thurs 14 Nov – 18] No you don’t.

[Thurs 14 Nov – 18] Smartarse.


[Thurs 14 Nov – 23] I know.


[Sat 16 Nov – 12]
[Sat 16 Nov – 12] I found this and thought of you.

[Sat 16 Nov – 13] That’s a cat in a hat.

[Sat 16 Nov - 13] Specifically a grumpy cat.
[Sat 16 Nov – 13] It is exactly how I imagine you look.
[Sat 16 Nov – 13] I don’t know your age so I guessed.

[Sat 16 Nov – 19] Stop guessing. I am 17.

[Sat 16 Nov – 19] You vanish for long periods of time. Why?
[Sat 16 Nov – 19] And you’re so young. I thought you were thirty.

[Sat 16 Nov – 19] Six hours is hardly a long time.
[Sat 16 Nov – 19] You’re acting like an over-attached girlfriend.

[Sat 16 Nov – 19] You’re acting like an over-smart boyfriend.


“You couldn’t have picked a worse time, Lance!” The young boy had pushed through Ellie’s door, racing over to her bed. “Get out”
“You’re almost always texting, Eleanor or Elizabeth or whatevs” The boy grabbed her phone out of her hand. Lance was one of the triplets, the most annoying one. At ten, he thought since he had double digits he was the centre of the universe, and liked to piss as many people as possible off.
“Oi!” Ellie exclaimed, jumping after him, but he ran off quickly, taking the phone with him.
“Who’s Zach? Oh! It says he is your boyfriend!” The boy laughed, and started chanting “Ellie has a boyfriend!” At the top of his lungs.
“He is not my boyfriend! I’ve never met the guy”
“Oh! Oh dear!” Lance scrambled down the stairs, threw himself into the under stairs cupboard, and closed the door behind him.
“Lance, listen here you little shit. Open the fucking door!” Ellie banged on the wooden door, knowing Lance had locked it from the inside. There was no way she would be able to open that door without breaking it.
“Okay, okay, jeewizz!”

[Sat 16 Nov – 19] Meet me tomorrow at the Park Café tomorrow, 10:00 xx

[Sat 16 Nov – 19] ….You want to meet?

[Sat 16 Nov – 19] No
[Sat 16 Nov – 19] Well yes
[Sat 16 Nov – 19] One of the younger kids stole my phone

[Sat 16 Nov – 19] Make it 10:15

[Sat 16 Nov – 19] Okay.

“Grace!” Ellie squealed, and the older girl glanced at her,
“What?” Grace couldn’t sound more bored as she removed one of her headphones to look at the blonde girl fretting in front of the mirror.
“What should I wear?”
“What! No.”  Grace sighed and stood up from her bed, studying the girl, she walked to her wardrobe and pulled out a dress.
“Wear that. Now get out my face.”


How would she know what to look out for? All she knows is he’s 17, and probably looks like the grumpy cat. She walked into the café at 10:10, and she instantly began scanning the small coffee shop. No faces jumped out at her, none she thought would be Zachariah.
She settled on a table quite near the centre, buying herself a coffee. She glanced up towards the door every time it opened, but again, she didn’t spot anyone who she thought could be Zachariah.
By 10:45, she was ready to go home, when a voice behind her made her jump.
“I am ashamed of your deduction skills, Ellie.”
The girl froze, was that Zachariah? She didn’t know, but she didn’t recognise the voice even though he knew her name. She didn’t want to turn around, what if he wasn’t what she expected? What did she expect?
“It is polite to mention your arrival, Zachariah.” She realised if that wasn’t Zach, it would be embarrassing, but with a deep breath, she kept her calm.
“I arrived before you. You didn’t mention your arrival to me.”
“I didn’t know what you looked like.”
“You still don’t. You haven’t even glanced at me.”
Ellie took another deep breath, before lifting her head and turning it to look at Zachariah stood behind her. A small smirk was pulling at his lips in a self-smug way, scanning Ellie’s face quickly.
“Hello, Ells”
“Hello, Zach”[/i][/i][/i][/i][/i][/i][/i][/i]
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/im giggling at the shittness of this
Enjoy, my dear

Things are never easy in my life, are they?
I believed that. I still do believe it. But at least there is one weight off my shoulders; a job.
He was a quiet person, hardly spoke to anyone, he kept to himself mostly. He came into the coffee shop everyday, with his long black coat and scarf hanging onto his lanky frame for dear life. He was young, younger than me anyway. He had curly hair, almost black in colour, which even though looked messy, no hair was out of place.
He came here everyday for a coffee, I knew his drink order off by heart now, but he never gave me his name. I knew when he would enter the coffee shop as well, so everyday at 8.56 I made his coffee in time for him to arrive at 9. I would give him his coffee, he would pay, then he would go to the far table while I served the next customer. We kept this little ritual up for three months, and I began to grow curious of him.
One day at 8.58, I grabbed a sharpie pen, carefully scribbling 'Hi.' on the side of the cup. The boy took the coffee without a second glance, but as he left the shop at 9.20 as he always does, a piece of paper flew my way.
"Hello. John."

The next day, with the same pen, I wrote another message. 'How do you know my name?' And again, paper was thrown my way,
"Check your badge- dummy." Oh yeah. The small rectangle piece of plastic had his name written in Comic sans with a Smile at the end.
We spent a few weeks like this, me writing notes on his coffee cup, him throwing paper back at me. He never told me his name, or any details about himself. He gave me little stories about each individual person in the coffee shop on that day. I have found some creepy stuff out about my coworkers.
One day, I didn't get my Daily Deduction. Infact, the boy didn't leave the coffee shop at all that day, but I did make sure he had a good enough supply of coffees. And, at closing time, I had to walk over to him to try and remove him.
"Hey. It's closing time, you've stayed way longer than your usual stay" I noticed, the boy looked up towards me
"That implies you watch me" His voice was deep and baritone, a soothing melody.
"You threw paper at me everyday. I couldn't miss you leaving" The boy's face cracked into a large grin. "Why are so late today?"
"I was waiting for your shift to finish"
"Why?" The boy stood up, easily towering over me. His grin just grew as he stepped closer to me; so my neck was craning to look up at him.
"Because I decided I need to do something." With that, he swiftly pressed me against a table, his hands holding my arms up above my head as his mouth collided with mine. We stayed in that position for a while, his tongue easily slipping into my mouth. His lankier body rubbed against mine, making us both grunt quietly until a loud clap rang out behind us.
"John. I do believe snogging is not allowed on that table. The boss won't be happy"A young boy said, but he jumped at the sound of a voice behind him saying,
"I won't be happy about what?"
Now, the boy and I stood awkwardly beside the table, half hard.
"John and his boyfriend had sex on that table"
"No we didn't"
"It was close enough"
"Boys. You; boy, is it true?" The boy whose name I still didn't know shook his head.
"Of course not sir"

The next week, the boy, I found out his name was Sherlock, stayed in the coffee shop every day until it closed. And every night, he would do the same as he did that other night. We didn"t get caught. Not once, until the last day of the week we Sherlock decided a handjob would be a good idea. We got caught. I got fired. But who needs a job; right?
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PostSubject: Re: Random Stories   Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:28 pm

"Its too cold outside for a hottie like yourself, you'll melt all the snow"
"Oh shut up"
The tv was playing some obnoxious children's programme. The ducklings seemed transfixed on the weird lion creature on the tv, going on about a story train. Soon they will be a story of how the tv ended up out in the show. I'd've fucking thrown it.
"Ellie. Ellie, can we turn this shit off?"
"Zach. Zach, the kids are enjoying it" I huffed slightly, crossing my hands across my chest. Jake was sat on the floor, holding onto his duckling toy, Lily was next to him, holding a crayon drawing random swirls on the paper. It was obvious they weren't paying attention to their mother or me.
The kiss on Ellie's cheek received an odd look from her, but the one more statregically placed one her lips, received a huff. She pushed me off her shaking her head slightly, grinning.
"Anyone would have thought you were drunk, Zachariah." I grumbled slightly, muttering she was an idiot before standing up.
"Ducklings," I announced, "Bedtime."

Ellie seemed to disagree with my declaration, but didn't argue as I turned over the shit that was on tv. We sat watching an unimportant, brain cell burning show [not toddlers and tiaras thankfully]. But that was boring. Boring is boring. I kissed Ellie's cheek again, she still confused at that,
"What?" I smiled at her before gently pushing her down so I was looking down at her. "Zach-" I cut her off with a kiss. She responded to it, for some reason. This strange, crazy asylum bitch does things to me. How and why I have no idea. Twenty years ago the thought of having kids was not one I thought would happen to me. Hell I would never have dreamed that I would meet someone like Ellie and marry her. With adrenaline quickly kicking in, the kiss became more heated as she tangled her hands in my hair. To take a breath, we pulled away from each other, heavily panting. Ellie used the separation to her advantage to pull my top over my head. She smiled for a minute before pulling me back for a kiss,
"It's too cold outside for a hottie like yourself, you'll melt all the snow"
"Oh shut up" I grumbled against her lips, not bothering to correct her about temperature terms right now. "Your body temperature is more than the melting point of snow so it would melt anyway." I said, making her laugh slightly,
"Is that your way to tell me I am hot?"
"No because-"
"Shut up, smartarse" She rarely lets me finish my sentences anymore. Her cool hands explored my torso until a loud cry came from upstairs. Ellie sighed, pulling away from me.
"Fuck. Why do your children have to ruin everything?" I asked her,
"They're as much yours as they are mine. Now go check on her." With that I clambered off her with a dramatic sigh. "I'll be here" She added before I left the room, I glanced back to see her smirking at me.
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My cheeks were flushed bright red. An unpleasant flame feeling licking at my cheeks. The redness would be so clear on my ghostly pale face, a complete contrast to the dead black that was my fringe. The flush was bright and clear, heat radiated off my cheeks, almost as if they were the sun.
All he had done was smile.
This place was different to the one in Austrailia. Larger, and filled with even larger students. I use the term large lightly. Some of the guys arms were larger than my whole body. I was still one of the tallest though. My skeletal frame with my ridiculous height made me clearly stand out against the jocks who shoved their way past, crushing me against the lockers. I don't think these lockers were much cleaner than the ones in Austrailia. They were the same repulsive grey colour.
"Excuse me. Tall guy. You're in the way" A small mousy boy was looking at me with a smile on his face. I didn't completely believe that smile, but it was nice to see at least some kindness in this place. I shuffled out of the way, the small boy got to his locker and opened up the door. He grabbed a few textbooks before he looked up at me, noticing me watching him.
"What's your name, emo?" He asked, the smile never dropping. His cheeks must be made from iron or something.
"I'm not emo" My voice was quiet, hiding the deepness and the accent. But the loud bustling of the school carried my words into the air, not reaching the boy.
"I'm not emo" I snapped it this time. His adorable smile getting to me. It was like it was reaching into my insides, wrapping warmth around them. The kind of warmth that will protect you from anything. But my harsh tone made the smile faulter, so I swept away from him, knowing that avoiding him will be my priority for now. Or at least the priority after I found my first class.
I sighed with relief as I settled down for lunch. I hadn't actually brought anything for lunch, but I found this quiet secluded spot away from the bustling of the school. It was a small space, leading from a fire exit, it was made from concreted stairs and metal handrail which had years of old paint flaking off. I rested my head against the wall as I reached for a daisy laying in the grass near me.
"Hiding here isn't a good idea. The stoners are over there, and the 'in love' couples are in that classroom up there" He pointed up at a window a floor above the door, and sure enough there were suspicious looking movements done by silouhettes in the window.
"Come with me, I know a better place." He took my hand and pulled me across the grassy field towards a large looking tree. I stared at our hands in confusion, but he seemed unusually relaxed. Unless he wasn't feeling the sparkling feeling like I was. He settled under the tree, pulling me down beside him, my hand still tangled in his.
"It is your first day" It was more a question than a statement. I nodded slightly, how did he know that.
"What's your name then, newbie?"
"Andrew" His never dropping smile broadened slightly,
"Nice to meet you; Andrew. Do you have any nicknames?" He asked, removing his hand from mine so he could lean back on them, giving me a very intensive look. I didn't like the emptiness of my hand. I liked the sparkles. I shook my head at his question,
"Okay, Drew" It seems I have a nickname now. "What brings you to our blessed school?"
"Parents" There was no hesitation there. There's no doubt they brought me here. Probably to try and cure me.
"I like your accent. Where are you from?" Why are the questions all at me. I don't even know this guys name,
"What's your name?" I asked, ignoring his question.
"Why are you talking to me, Isaac?" I like how easily his name rolls off my tongue.
"You're the new kid. You need friends." Was his reply, and his smile turned. It became so much mire honest, and it made the whole boy glow. He truly was a piece of art. No flaws, no faults. Just a perfect piece of art.
"Thank you, Isaac"

The loud bell cut through the air, alerting us both lessons were starting. We both stood up, Isaac glanced at me, looking quite sincere.
"I shall show you around the neighbour after school, if you want?" He asked, that cute little smile still lighting up his face. I nodded, and the smile grinned, throwing his arms round me. This caught me off guard as I stumbled backwards, but I didn't move away from his contact. "Meet at the main gates after school, okay?"
"Yeah" Isaac was a year below me, unfortunately that meant he was in none of my classes, but it did mean he was in my lunch. He pulled away from me, picking up his old looking bag and ran to get to his class in time.
My foot tapped on the concrete ground, waiting for Isaac. I was waiting where he told me, but there had been no sign of him. I was beginning to think he had bailed on me when two figures started walking towards me; one female and one short male. Who was the girl? His girlfriend, probably.
"Drew!" Isaac cheered loudly, jumping into another hug. Unlike the last time, I placed my arms around him. He seemed to count this as an achievement as he seemed happier when he pulled out of my feeble hug. "Tina. This hot little guy is Andrew"
"Little?" We both looked at him confused as he giggled. That noise made my heart flutter. It was something I wanted to hear so much more often. It was heart warming, and homly.
"Hello, little Koala" The Tina girl smiled at me. I didn't like her smile. Too toothy and fake. I gave her a curt nod before looking back at Isaac.
"Okay, thank you Tina, see you tomorrow!" He grinned at her before looking back at me.
"C'mon then, let's go. I want to know everything about you." He grabbed my hand again, pulling me off in a random direction.
"Tina... Is she your girlfriend?" Isaac snorted and started laughing.
"Oh God, no. She is worse than a sister and trust me I have two. She is a tornado." He shook his head, "Any girlfriends for Drew?" He just instantly assumed I am straight. Like everyone else. I shook my head,
"If I did, she would be in Austrailia." Isaac seemed slightly disheartened by that, but that was only visible by the slight faulter in his never dropping smile.
"She would. Now, Drew. Who are you?"
"Please don't interrogate me all the walk."
"I'll try not to."

We spent the walk just wandering around aimlessly, hands laced together. Isaac talked most of the time, I liked to listen to him talk, it was relaxing and soothing. I learnt a lot about him, and even though we had only spent a couple hours in each others company I was really starting to like him.
We were turning a corner as the sky suddenly darkened. The heavens opened almost instantly after,
"Quick, I know the way to mine. It isn't far. We can shelter there." I started running, Isaac trailing behind, struggling to keep up with my longer strides.
"It looks like it will be a thunderstorm." Isaac said, and by the look on his face, I knew this was a bad thing for him.
It only took a few minutes, but we arrived at mine soaked to the skin, and I silently thanked God for the absence of my parents cars. I opened the front door and bundled Isaac inside.
"You didn't mention you were rich. Oh you travelled from Austrailia of course-"
"Come on, let me get you warm before my parents return." I cut him off, dragging him up the stairs.
"You are late" The twins, I hate it when they do this, appeared out of no where.
"Ria, Leah, sorry. I wasn't aware you would be home so early."
"It's six o'clock Drew" Maria said,
"Our after school finishes five thirty." Leah added.
"Oh. Yeah. I thought it was half six it ended. Sorry. Did the parents tell you when they would be back?" They shook their heads in unison, I sighed. "We will just get dried, see you in a minute girls" I took Isaac's hand again, leading him to the bathroom.
"Yeah, twins; Maria and Leah."
"Isaac. They're five, that is just off"
"No, how you are with them is cute"
Isaac shook his head at me, grinning. I grabbed a towel and threw it at him.
"They seem mature for their age." His voice was muffled by the towel covering his head.
"They had to grow up too fast" I replied, sighing, getting myself a towel. Isaac didn't ask anymore questions on that topic, I was thankful for that.
As Isaac was drying his hair, I nipped into my room and grabbed some clothes for us both.
"Here. These will be warmer." I passed him the smallest jumper I had and some old pj bottoms that were pretty small too. I left the room as he got himself changed, thinking about what we could do.
The bathroom door opened, revealing an adorable Isaac almost drowning in the length if the clothes. He pouted as I laughed, so I leaned forward and pressed a light kiss on his forehead. His first expression was shocked, but his sacred grin appeared on his face moments after.
"Shall we watch a film?" I asked, and Isaac nodded,
All snuggled up in blankets; Maria and Leah sat infront of us, Isaac and I sat close behind, the film started. But it was only half an hour in when Isaac's head dropped onto my shoulder, asleep. With the twins adsorbed in the film, I took this chance to peck Isaac on the head.
"G'night, Isaac."

The closing of a car door woke me from the light slumber I was just falling into. My head rested on top of Isaac's his steady breathing mixing with my sisters to make a calming atmosphere in the room. The film had ended around fifteen minutes ago, but the three were already asleep by then. I had spent most of the film just watching Isaac's reactions to the film, taking in every little change in emotion. But with his head on my shoulder, it gave me chance to take in every gorgeous detail. The way his eyelashes overlap slightly, or how he just looked too perfect to be human.
I couldn"t be thinking like that. Especially not with the closing of that door.
"Shit" I mumbled, trying as best I could to bundle the sleeping boy into my arms. I needed to get him into my room away from my parents as fast as possible. They wouldn't take lightly to the young boy. With some difficulty, I got the boy up the flight of stairs, the only movement he did was to cuddle more into my chest but even though I wanted nothing more than to cuddle him, I needed to get him upstairs. I stumbled as I opened my door with my foot and I received a grunt of displeasure from Isaac. Once he was on the bed, I tucked him in leaving a gentle kiss on his forehead.
Just as the house door opened, I made it into the room where my sisters were, carefully arranging them on tge sofa where Isaac and I recently occupied. The door to the room opened, my parents noticing the light.
"Hello, Andrew."
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He was there everyday, the boy with the guitar. The passerbyers never noticed him. His old worn out clothes were dirty, they were the same clothes he wore everyday. His hair, a colour that only reminds me of the sand from the beaches down south, was shaggy and unkept. But, even thougg his appearance was very much rough, lost and alone, his guitar had a certain shine. You could tell from one glance he loved that instrument. Everyday he would use a soft cloth to wipe its neck and body down with a hand more tender than a mother holding her newborn child.
With every strum of the strings, you could hear his heart being poured into the music, as if the beat of his heart flowed through his arm, hand and into the pick. Mixing with the music to create an angelic sound only heard by those who gave him a second glance.
The boy never played in English. His smooth rumbling voice expressing every emotion through the beauty of the French language. It was velvety smooth, I sat everyday just drinking in the sound, so much so it became my drug.
His eyes stare at where his fingers move about the chords. This meant I never had had the pleasure to see what colour they were. But I imagined they were grey, grey with patches of blue, like the blue of the sky trying to escape the stormy clouds shielding it from view. But, even though its rare, I could be wrong.
I wanted more than anything to go down and see him. But I never do. I never want to stop seeing him there, on the corner of the street. I loved the boy with the guitar. I truly did.
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Park ~ Isadrew
The morning was crisp. It was cool and calm, one of those days you needed to go outside and breathe it all in. Isaac had gone to his classes, and as much as I disagreed with him going to those classes and being separated from me for an incessant amount of time, I knew he enjoyed them. I decided to take my little shop outside to the park, using a flower trolley I had found on eBay (Isaac introduced me to this website a few weeks ago, it is amazing, why do we need shops now with this holy grail?). The trolley made it possible to make bouquets for random passer-byers, and it seems to be a real hit so far, and on a day like this, well, it is perfect for couples. Isaac would probably say the lighting is just slightly off for photography or something, but what do I know about that, any attempts Isaac has attempted to teach me has resulted in millions of photos of him (blurred) or the lesson ending quickly because of the best distractions. I found my main spot in the park, slightly off the main path, but a lot of people still come this way, and settled down on a chair.
"Tina! Look. Oh, Andrew would love this." I know that voice anywhere, but why is he in the park today? I watched as he trotted over to the trolley, obviously not spotting me. Tina was about to point me out, but I shook my head at her to keep her silent. Judging from the cameras in their hands, they were doing some practical work outside of the classroom, I guess the lighting wasn't that wrong. "Which flower would he like? I have no idea what his favourite ones look like. Or which would be the best to give him." I approached behind him, holding a red carnation in my hands (Carnation; Dianthus; The Flowers of God; fascination; deep love). I held the flower out in front of him, keeping myself hidden, my arms partly wrapped around him.
"Why don't you ask him yourself?" I nuzzled into his petal soft hair, placing a gentle kiss on top of his head, breathing him in. Even a few hours is too many.
"Ay, what are you doing here?"
"I would ask you the same question" He turned around so I could look down at him properly, and hopped to press a kiss against my cheek. I pulled him into a closer hug, making him giggle.
"Answer the question."
"You answer mine."
"I asked first."
"Fine, it was a nice day so I thought to sell some flowers outside the shop for once." Isaac nodded, the grin not leaving his face. "Why are you here?"
"As you say it is a nice day so the whole class is out to take photos. And at least three quarters of them are watching us right now."
"Are they?" I pulled him into a kiss, which seemed to surprise him as he squeaked, an adorable sound really. It was just a gentle peck, nothing graphic, but still a kiss.
"What was that for?"
"Now your class knows I love you very much, and it is important they keep their hands off."
"You get jealous so easily" Isaac laughed, "I remembered how you reacted to that  aeroplane guy."
"But he was looking at you."
"Can no one look at me?"
"Nope. Mine only."
"Okay, I can live with that." He stood on his tiptoes to reach for a kiss, which I gladly replied. Once we pulled back, I took the carnation, and gently placed it inside the button hole of the chest pocket on his shirt.
"Your buttons are skewiff again" I noticed, looking down at his shirt with a grin. He batted me playfully, looking down at his shirt.
"Oh shut up, if you woke up early enough you could fix them." I kissed his forehead, before stepping back from him.
"You're scaring my customers away, go take your gorgeous self elsewhere while I work."

"Andrew. I'm 25, and the teacher has set me homework." Isaac complained as he walked through the door.
"Hello, Isaac"
"Since everyone in my class seemed to think we make good role-models for their projects, this was by taking lots of photos of us in the park,-"
"We are pretty-"
"-the teacher is making me take lots of photos of us together, and get some our old photos for people to use as examples for how to have people posing in their photos." He said, as I took him into an embrace, noting the flower was still in place.
"We have plenty of photos together. Ooh, show them that one from Disney" I said, and Isaac smiled up at me. "How much clothing is allowed in this project?"
"Reasonable question, is just underwear too little?"
"I thought you look absolutely gorgeous in just underwear, and even less."
"Shut up" He batted me away as I laughed, "Just photos of us in our everyday life"
"Is your teacher just wanted to see what you get up to in your spare time? They're not cute are they? I've never actually met your teacher"
"He's like fifty"
"Good" I pulled him into kiss, one much longer and more graphic than the ones in the park.
"I'm hungry. Take-out?"
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Tattoos and bracelets

Amelia did not appreciate running. Anything, but the bloody running. She could deal with ghosts, vampires, werewolves and all that. Those weren't strangers in Amelia's life. Demons, even. But not running. Not even the extra motivation in shape of a creature chasing after her helped, and the forest terrain wasn't helping either.

"Hey!" a male voice called. Amelia didn't look back to see if the vampire was catching up. And she wasn't looking forward, apparently. "Watch out!"

A figure came from Amelia's left and knocked her onto the ground on her right. And lucky that it did, because she was just about to run right in the middle of  a busy road. The vampire which was chasing after her conveniently didn't stop, which created quite a nice curve in the air as a truck hit him. Amelia didn't have time to hope it flew far away, because she had to protect herself from the man who was getting up from her.

"Who are you?!" she asked and hopped up, dusting off her clothes. "You know, I could have handled that vampire on my own, thanks."

"Don't doubt that." The man, who was only a few years older than her, had a low, but clear voice and well-worn, old clothes. "But the thing is, you were seconds away from becoming roadkill, just a smudge on the ground the colour of your hair."


"Truthful, I'd say." The man patted himself down, to check if all the knives and guns were in their positions. It was a miracle he didn't get stabbed when he caused her to fall over. But, if the conversation continued in this direction, he will get stabbed. "Name's Benedict."

"Amelia. You're a hunter, too?" she asked.

"You could put it that way. If I may notice, a much better one. Do you even have silver bullets with you?"

"Silver bullets don't do anything to vampires, you have to cut their heads off. Messier, but gets the job done." Benedict's eyebrows quirked up.

"Maybe you're not completely worthless." Amelia felt that it was as close to a praise she will ever get from him.

"Wow, thanks. Say, Benny, where are you headed?"

"Currently on the hunt for shape-shifters. Don't call me that. You?" Amelia glanced at the road where the vampires started flying.

"Vampires, if that's not obvious."

"You're hunting them? I thought you were running away from them, based on what I just witnessed." Amelia glared at him.

"Rude, again. And give me back my gun."

"Oh, so you've noticed. Didn't think you would." Benedict smirked and took out Amelia's gun from the inside pocket of his jacket before handing it over to her

"You underestimate me. I said I was a hunter, I can notice things."

"Oh, so you do." Benedict turned away from her and walked along the road. When she heard a deep snicker, she realised something else.

"And my devil's trap bracelet."

Benedict looked over his shoulder with a wide grin on his face.

"It probably doesn't even work", he said, tossing it over to her.

"Does. It's tested out."

"Nevertheless. It's better if you have it tattooed."

"Okay. Where's your tattoo, then?"

Benedict looked directly into Amelia's eyes, and she noticed they were a heavenly shade of blue. She forgot where her mouth was, and decided to keep quiet instead.

"We don't know each other that well to show it to you. Come on, I guess you'd like to get something to eat, right?" Benedict continued along the road. "Oh, and about the tattoo." He glanced at Amelia once again. "Once we get to know each other better, maybe."

Amelia almost skipped after him. Almost, but she managed to keep her dignity.

Benedict just looked away so Amelia couldn't see him laugh.

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The one who buys dinner

"You don't sound like you're from here", Amelia said as the two of them, she and the tall man she just met, walked down the road. She should've brought sunscreen, she thought, wouldn't like to see that pretty face of his burnt by the hot, Texas sun.

"Look who's talking, Ms Yorkshire."

"Shut up, Mr Essex."

"I think that none of us belong here", Benedict stopped the useless bickering. Amelia had to admit that she wasn't all that glad. The bickering reminded her of the easier days.

"Here as hunting the supernatural or here as lost a hundred miles east from the middle of nowhere in the land of rednecks and hillbillies?"

"Both, to a certain level, but let's begin with the first one. Why are you hunting vampires?" Amelia decided to tell him, even though she wasn't quite keen on sharing her life story with strangers. There was something about this one particular stranger, there was something in his blue eyes.

"One of them killed my brother. You know, classic vengeance and all. You?" Well, that doesn't mean she must tell him everything. "Why do you hunt shape-shifters?" Benedict shrugged.

"My answer is even more cliche than yours. No particular reason. There are a s a lot of them, they're reasonably easy to kill once you know how, and I do it to get my adrenaline kicks."

"Oh great. Just try to not get me killed in the process."

"Who said you're coming with me?" he glanced over at her, and his gaze lingered on her face and the cascades of her hair a couple of seconds longer than it was necessary. He coughed.

"I could be quite a sidekick. Wait, I don't want to be a sidekick. You be my sidekick."

"No", Amelia was pretty sure he flipped his eyes. Great, now he hates her. "I betcha I'm ten times the runner than you are."

"But can you handle guns?"

"Of course I can, do you think I'm such a newbie?"


"Yes. Stakes, also."

"Dammit, what can't you do?"

"Nothing. I've been in this hunter business for far too long not to know my way around every weapon on this planet. And, maybe, even above and below this planet."

"Nobody's perfect, Benny", Amelia shrugged.

"Don't call me Benny, that's not my name."

"Why not, it's much shorter."

"My dad called me that." Benedict examined the edge of his scruffy Chuck Taylors and Amelia decided not to press on the subject.

"On the brighter side, I think I see, or smell, before anything, a place where they serve food. You're buying, I suppose?" Amelia gave Benedict her best smile, which always got the boys to buy her lunch, that's why she
never carried cash with her.

"Why am I buying?" Benedict complained. Huh. Apparently not this boy. This boy was different.

"Because I don't have any money."

"How do you get around if you don't- You know what, forgot that I asked." Amelia laughed.

"Hey, don't think bad of me, all I do is-"

"No, no, stop, I don't want to hear it", Benedict shook her head and opened the door for Amelia. "Okay, I'll pay. Now, are you going in or staying out?"

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did u mean "my writing at 2 am"
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Hire Zach as your babysitter now for the reduced price

[19:25] -two rings-
"Zach, please, this is the fifth time you've called me. I can't keep walking out this meeting to answer the phone."
"But Ellie. I-"
"I would have asked for a babysitter to look after all three of you, but it was too short notice. I am sure you can manage, just put the children to bed, I'll be home in a few hours. Bye, Zach"
-hang up tone-

[19:45] Do they like beer?
[19:49] Oh shit, apparently not, Lil just spat it out onto the floor.
[19:50] Jake is tucking in though.


[20:05]-four rings-
"Zach... Please, I won't be much longer."
"But Ells, Lily is painting a picture."
"Why did I need to know this right now?"
"Because it is on the wall."
"WHAT THE FUCK? Zach! You need to stop her and tell-"
-hang up tone-

[20:06] It is a good picture.


[20:56] Are they asleep yet?

[20:57] They don't need to be yet.

[20:58] Bed. Now.

[21:00] But it isn't even late

[21:01] Bed. Zach. Now.

"The cat shouldn't be pink, should it?"
"What the fuck did you do to Ollie?"
-downloading image-

[21:14] Why in hell is Ollie pink?

[21:19] Food colouring.

-one ring-
"Okay, in more detail. WHY IS THE FUCKING CAT PINK?"
"Food colouring"
"I'm not explaining so come home"
"I can't come home yet. Get Ollie un-pinkified, and are they in bed."
"Un-pinkified isn't a word"
"I don't give a shit, Zach, wash the fucking cat"
"Says you"
"I did not make the cat pink, Jay did"
"You were meant to be watching him"
"I was watching Lil"
"You were meant to be watching both of them."
"At the same time? I can't do that."
"You always told me you could multi-task"
"I can"
"This is no different"
"Yes it is"
"They're your children. It's like having two mini yous around. One is too many already."
"They're your kids too"
"No, they're too stupid to be mine"
"Who else's will they be then? I am pretty sure you understand babies and birth"
"Not mine"
-hang up tone-

-rings through-
-voicemail beep-
"Zach? I'm on my way home now. I want the house spotless when I get there, see you soon"


Ellie pushed open the door to the house, confused as to why it was so quiet, she walked into the living room. On the wall, small doodles scattered it, none going above a metre high, apart from one. 'Zach is better than Ells' was written in scribbly green handwriting, a handwriting that quite obviously belonged to the other, supposed, adult that lived in this house. Ellie smiled to herself, before going off to find the culprit. Through to the kitchen, the whole place was a tip, bottles of red food colouring left open, burnt cupcakes, beer bottles, left over food was all scattered across the worktops. She next headed upstairs, to find both her and Jake's room empty. Opening the door to Lily's room, she spotted Zach fast asleep, surrounded by the ducklings and pets. Ollie was curled up on his head, surprisingly unpin, apart from his tail, Lily nestled up to one side of Zach, Jake the other, Brutus was resting on his legs and even Pip was curled up near him. All six of them fast asleep. Ellie sighed lightly, quietly walking over, pressing a kiss gently against her kids' heads, then one on her husband's cheek. His eyes fluttered open, he looked slightly confused and disorientated. But as he opened his mouth to talk, Ellie shook her head and silenced him.
"Shh, thank you for tonight. You did a perfect job, I love you" She ran a hand through his hair before standing up to go to her bed, leaving the Hewitt pile in peace.
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Story Writing ~ Zellie

'She always believed that pine forests were more upsetting than that of normal forests.'
"Depressing would work better in that sentence"
"Why are you reading what I'm writing? I thought you were meant to be playing your violin."
"I am playing my violin"
"You're reading my work at the same time?"
"I can multi-task."
"Why aren't you playing the violin right now?"
"You wouldn't be able to hear me talk if I play."
"I see no downside"
"I know, so play your violin"


'The blazing fire consumed the house, the burning smell filling the air as the family watched on in horror.'
"Shut up, Zach, you can read it later."
"It is a better word"
"Shut up."


'She started-'
"You bastard, leave me alone to write"
"I didn't do anything"
"You were going to suggest something to write"
"I wasn't"
"You were"
"I wasn't"
"Fuck off Zach"


'The girl checked her watch, she was fearful that she was going to be late.'
"Pusillanimous, mum"
"Sorry, Jake, what did you say?"
"Pusillanimous, instead of fearful"
"How did you learn such a word?"
"Dad told me to say it"
"Zach! Stop it!"
"I didn't do anything!"
"Like hell you didn't"
"Jake said the word"
"You still told him to say it"
"Did not, I just pointed out to him it would be a better word"
"I hate you so much"
"No you don't"

She lifted her brush to coat the wall in a light pink'
"Coral pink would be best"
"Zach! It's midnight, you were asleep!"
"But you were noisy and woke me up"
"For fuck's sake, leave me to write"
"Why should I?"
"Because you're a fucking idiot"
"At least I have a vocabulary"
"Sure you do"
"Of course I do. You're an idiot"
"And you're a smartarse"
"It's not like you don't like that"
"I don't"
"You do"
"How do you know?"
"You married me"
"Out of sympathy"
"Yeah, no. I think it was my good looks and vest that did it"
"Not you, just the vest"
"Ah you prefer the vest off"
"I would prefer to strangle you with it"
"No you wouldn't"
"Shut up Zach!"
"Make me"
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Isadrew ~ Air bed

"Boys. No funny business, this air bed squeaks loudly and these walls are stupidly thin." Tatiana gave us both a glare,
"Oh don't worry we can be as quiet as we want to be." We grinned at each other, while Isaac hopped over to peck a kiss on my cheek.
"Shut up, can't that wait until I am out of the room?" She complained, before walking out of the door and slamming it shut. "Boys" The grumble of Tate could be heard as she walked down the corridor.
"I'm tired" Isaac complained, falling onto the air bed and snuggled into the quilt. I smiled down at him, before heading over to the sink to have a quick wash. The sink basin was too low for me, more Isaac sized but I managed. As I turned around to look at Isaac, his gentle snores filled the room. Such a genial noise, one that I found so easy to fall asleep next to. I took one look at him before falling backwards onto the bed. A loud yelp cross scream filled the room followed by a loud thump.
Wait where did Isaac go? "Isaac? What happened?" I turned to look at his side of the air bed, which was now strangely vacant. His head peeked just over the bed, looking very disgruntled and confused. Just his look made me dissolve into laughter, promptly making myself fall off the air bed as well.
"Andrew! This isn't funny!" I just continued laughing. Isaac clambered back onto the bed, laying face down on the cushions. I climbed back onto the bed next to him, nuzzling into his neck.
"It's kinda funny" I pressed a kiss gently on his neck, receiving a mumble that wasn't entirely legible. "C'mon, you went flying" I kissed his neck again, then gently lifted his shoulder over so he was facing upwards, and so he was partly underneath me. He pouted and shook his head at me,
"I could have hurt myself"
"Yeah but if you're smaller you can fall from greater heights without getting hurt."
"You love me"
"Yes" I grinned and rolled him so I could kiss him properly. Okay, Tate was right this bed is very squeaky.
"Stop shouting, Isaac, you're my baby"
"You're making me sound small"
"Only in the important places."
"BOYS, MY GOD" I flopped, more carefully, onto the bed, snuggling into Isaac.
"We're not being quiet enough, Isaac"
"You're fault, now let me sleep"
"But Isaac"
"Love you"
"Love you too"
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